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21 Instagram Interaction Post Ideas for Increasing Your Engagement Rates

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It's great to have appealing visuals! But what are you doing to entice your Instagram followers to interact with you?

You can't buy likes or comments on Instagram, but the feedback from these interactions is important for determining your success.

If you want to be successful, you need to make sure that you post things that people will be interested in, and get a sure-fire engagement.

So, creating content that your audience engages with is an essential part of any Instagram marketing campaign.

Let's look at why interaction is so vital in social media marketing, as well as how you may keep producing engaging material for your audience on Instagram. We've put up 21 post ideas to get you started!


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What Exactly is Interaction?

What Is Social Media Interaction and Why Should You Be Concerned?

Post memes

Host giveaways

Create trending content

Ask questions

Organize challenges

Create interactive Instagram Stories

Get influencers involved

Offer a product sneak peek

Repost user-generated content

Go live 

Share a clever idea or tutorial

Spotlight your customers or team members

Ask for feedback

Go behind-the-scenes

What Exactly is Interaction?

The Cambridge dictionary defines interaction as "a time when two or more people or things communicate with, react to, or affect each other."

Companies and their consumers interact via content and interactive actions such as likes or comments on social media.

On Instagram, likes, comments, direct messages, shares, saves, poll responses, visits to your profile page, click-throughs to other pages from your profile page, links clicked on and mentions made all forms of interaction.

All of these interactions can help you determine whether your target audience is interested in what you're posting.

In other words, several social media marketing professionals consider Instagram engagement to be interaction. Measuring your participation in your social media posts is simply about counting the number of interactions.

What Is Social Media Interaction and Why Should You Be Concerned?

It's simple. It's proof that your audience interacts with the material on your business page, which means they appreciate it and connect with it.

These interactions are proof that your social media content is hitting the mark and engaging, whether it's a double-tap, a poll on Instagram Stories, or sharing your material with their pals.

It's essential to figure out how frequently you and your followers interact with each other for the best results of your Instagram content marketing efforts.

Optimize Your Engagement for Instagram with These Interactive Post Ideas 

It's vital to have interesting postings on social media. However, when it comes to generating social media content, you frequently run out of ideas or end up doing the same thing again and again.

Here are 21 different kinds of articles you can create to entice engagement, increase interaction, and, most importantly, keep your audience engaged.

1. Post memes

Memes are popular among everyone. They're entertaining, relatable, and an excellent way to boost brand recognition.

Many businesses and brands have begun sharing memes on social media. They're shareable content, and when it appears in someone's news feed, they're more likely to respond to it than a regular product photo, for example.

Don't be scared to share pictures and gif memes as needed for your business. But ensure you you are not over doing it. You don't want to end up being a meme account where people forget you have a product to offer.

The @ultraviolet crew does a fantastic job of jumping on trends to develop one-of-a-kind and entertaining content.

2. Host giveaways

Giveaways are pretty popular on Instagram, and for a good reason. Who doesn't enjoy winning something? Giveaways on Instagram are a fantastic method for business owners to connect with new consumers while generating buzz.

Giveaways include a prize and, as a result, generally need some level of participation as part of the entry requirements. This might be tagging a friend, sharing the feed or stories, leaving a comment, or anything else. These strategies encourage interactions and usually boost Instagram account engagement.

3. Create trending content

Are you seeking new material? Keep an eye out for emerging themes to discover what's poppin on both Instagram and TikTok, so keep an eye out for these sites to find out what's fresh.

It's easier to keep up with the latest developments in your industry if you're flexible and can adapt quickly. If you make Instagram Reels, trends including specific audio, songs, choreography, or transitions are common. @blogilates is good at combining trends to create her fitness-related take on it.


4. Invite them to fill in the blank

The conventional fill-in the blank posts have been done many times and are still one of the engagement machines. They're almost a guarantee of comments from your readers. Try to ensure you're asking brain-stimulating questions, but also easy to answer: We suggest the following.

  • When I'm bored I _________________
  • I want to travel to__________________
  • My biggest pet peeve is ______________

5. Ask questions

Another classic social media content idea is filling in the blanks, and if done well, they continue to work. Within your post, stories, or even the caption, ask questions. Make your inquiries simple so that responses are simple and encourage people to offer their thoughts.

6. Organize challenges

You can use Instagram Stories to connect with your audience intimately and ask them questions. If you're Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest-backed, make sure any challenge you do is relevant for your brand and will pique people's interest. You may even host a competition to get your audience involved.

This trend is viral in the wellness industry, although it can be used in almost any niche. Check out #yogachallenge, which displays this movement amongst Instagram users in the yoga field. Similarly, you can do this with food, health, technology, or creativity.


7. Create interactive Instagram Stories

Although the focus is on the news feed in this video, it's important to note that effective engagement isn't limited. Create engaging material for your Instagram Stories as well.

If you're uploading a video, make direct eye contact with your audience and ask them questions. Be as clear as possible. Inquire about their thoughts. It may not be necessary to get serious all of the time, but it's nice to pretend you're speaking with a buddy and invite comments.

Use features like questions, polls, and quizzes to gather responses from your viewers.

You may even countdown to a release or anything else similar by sharing a countdown. These features are all simple to use, and if utilized correctly, you'll be able to count on many people responding and engaging with your message.

8. Get influencers involved

We understand that producing content is a time-consuming task. Instead of attempting to do it all yourself, why not enlist the help of influencers and have them create various sorts of material for your social media sites?

Plus, influencers usually have their own devoted followings. The correct collaborations might help you make your own Instagram account (and brand) more visible to a whole new group of people.

9. Offer a product sneak peek

When you are working on a new product, it can be exciting to share your plans. Share previews of the item early and often! People will appreciate any information that gives them insight into upcoming releases from their favourite brands.

You could even get your community further engaged by asking them questions about their expectations for the new product. Build buzz while you also build engagement! Double win!

@bonmaxiefrequently do product sneak peeks to generate buzz for forthcoming releases.

10. Repost user-generated content

If you have a large Instagram following, it might become a great source of material as well!

Instead of constantly generating your material, share user-generated content (with permission!), and you'll also boost engagement on your material.

People love seeing real users with similar interests to their own, especially if the context is relevant.

When you submit UGC and tag your followers, they are more likely to spread the material with theirs. There's an immediate increase in engagement!

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11. Go live

Nothing beats real-time interaction with your audience.
Instagram Live is a great way to host and interact through comments on your live stream, whether an interview or behind the scenes at one of your events that you're hosting for fans who want more information about your products and service.

12. Share a clever idea or tutorial

Instagram is a popular platform for people looking for ideas for their next project. This includes home renovations, interior design, cuisine, crafts, children's initiatives, and more. Consider creating a clever hack video or an instructional film to give your audience something worthwhile if it's relevant to your business.

Instead of just attempting to sell to them, consider content that might be beneficial to your target audience. How-to videos are rarely out of style, so use your imagination. There's something for everyone, whether it's a quick hack on making better coffee or training on utilizing a particular product for enhanced productivity.

The Instagram @creators, which has over 2 million followers, offers a lot of helpful hints on how to make better stuff.

13. Spotlight your customers or team members

People enjoy seeing themselves on a company's Instagram account, as we said when we discussed user-generated content. On your Instagram account, highlight your consumers. Share their photographs, films, and stories, mainly if they're using your product. You might also include client testimonials in this area.

You may also include other workers. On social media, highlight the work of new team members and promote them to your Instagram followers.

As a company, this is a very human approach to demonstrate how your product has benefitted real people, humanizing your brand.

Upwork showcases this very well. They tell stories about their clients that are often inspiring to people in the same industry. Because they are relatable for so many, they frequently receive a lot of comments and likes.

14. Ask for feedback

What if you're having trouble deciding between two options?

Do you need help selecting a product colour? Why not get your community's input by asking them for their advice.

People enjoy having a voice, so ask them what they think. Allow them to contribute their ideas to some of your company's decisions. Who knows, they might even provide you with suggestions that you would've never considered on your own.

15. Go behind-the-scenes

Give your Instagram followers a look at what you did that day. It may not seem exciting to you, but others enjoy seeing what goes on behind the scenes at a company.

On your Instagram stories, share a "day in the life." You may film at the manufacturing plant and post excerpts from there. Share how you go about creating items.

16. Introduce yourself again

Introducing yourself and discussing a little about who you are might be an excellent approach to engage with your consumers as a small company owner or solopreneur.

It's a good idea to introduce yourself to your followers again with an "intro" post now and then, especially if you've gained new followers who may not have seen your previous one. This gives them a sense of the company and who you are as a person.

Humanizing your brand is one of the most important things you can do. It makes your company more relatable and maybe why someone purchases from you rather than the competitor.

17. Turn data into an engaging infographic

Have you ever had a lot of helpful information but weren't sure whether your target audience would be interested in the statistics? 

Make it into an infographic or a carousel post for Instagram to transform it into something fascinating. You've created yourself a template for shareable and saveable content if you do it well.

Make sure you concentrate on excellent design and easy-to-understand content. People enjoy learning and consuming data on Instagram, but they will lose interest if it's too difficult to read.

@visualcap's infographics are both creative and informative. They provide an easy-to-understand perspective on critical social issues and an exciting way for people who don't have much time in their day to read up about current events in the world!

18. Tell a story

Storytelling is an excellent approach to reel in your audience. It works on every social media platform. Even on a professional, work-oriented platform like LinkedIn, the posts that receive the most interaction are often ones that tell a tale.

You are not just selling a product or service; you're telling the story of who you are. Your social media should reflect this same sentiment and be used as an extension to build engagement with your audience!

@humansofny is one of the most popular storytellers on social media. They post similar material to their Facebook page and Instagram account, but the pieces have a broad appeal.

Often the posts will have an attached fundraising request or more information about a cause. People often donate generously because they feel moved by their stories.

19. Play a game

Another great approach to engage your audience is playing games with you. This might be a simple jigsaw puzzle or a "Where's Waldo?"-style game. Alternatively, you may go all out and design your own Instagram game.

Whatever you do, make sure it's enjoyable, eye-catching, and simple. Make sure that your games are accessible to the largest number of people possible. A pop quiz, a riddle, or even a question about the topic are all attractive options.

Do some study and look at what others are doing on Instagram to get plenty of ideas for your own Instagram strategy.

Here's an excellent simple This or That game from @spanx that is also product-related.

20. Add subtitles to your videos

When you post videos on Instagram, ensure they have subtitles. This will help people who can't hear well or are trying to watch your video with the sound turned off and allow them to understand what's going on in the clip without listening!

If your video wasn't playing in the background, they could still react to it on Stories, even if they weren't listening to the audio.

21. Host an "ask me anything" or Q&As

A good old-fashioned question and answer session is always effective at engaging your target audience.

Through Instagram live, you may host your Q&A. This is especially popular among businesses and allows for real-time engagement with your followers.

If you don't want to go live, you may ask your community for inquiries and then simply record a video interview in response. Share this on Stories or perhaps in the main feed.

As we all know, organic Facebook interaction can be challenging at times, so there's no harm in trying them out to see if they'll help your Facebook postings go viral as well.


2 Additional Instagram Tips for More Post Interaction

In addition to the ideas above, there are two more things we wanted to remind you about.

Use hashtags

If you want to improve engagement, the hashtags you choose can make a difference. A well-planned hashtag strategy will assist you in getting the most out of every piece of content that appears on your Instagram account.

Hashtags are one of the most important things to understand when marketing on Instagram. You can increase your outreach on Instagram by using hashtags.

Ideally, you should have different hashtag sets for different types of content, so you're not recycling the same set of hashtags on every post. Zoomsphere's Templates and Hashtag Suggestions can help you keep your hashtags organized. 

Creating a new template on Zoomsphere is easy. Open the Templates & hashtags panel, select Templates and click Create new template.


Write good captions

Your Instagram captions are essential. Don't let the visual content distract you from including a decent caption to go with it. Here are some pointers:

  • Emphasize your message at the start of your caption.
  • Make a point of telling a narrative with your caption.
  • Use emojis to add more life to your message and, in particular, if it is consistent with your brand voice.
  • Experiment with long captions. Some studies suggest that it might be more engaging (if well written) and have better interactions.
  • Invite comments or ask questions.
  • Bullet points and line breaks help separate lengthy blocks of text.
  • Include calls to action within your captions so that your audience knows exactly what to do after they've read it.

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Using social media is an excellent way to get the word out about your brand.
You can use Zoomsphere to manage your content, scheduling, and interactions, so you never miss out on an opportunity to connect with your audience.

Learn more about Zoomsphere with a 14-day trial today.

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