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Case Study – How to Convert Fans into Brand Ambassadors According to eVisions

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The fanbase is the core of your whole work online, and there is nothing better than converting your fans into loyal brand ambassadors and customers. The eVisions, a Prague-based digital marketing agency, set this as one of their prime goals of a strategy made for MAN Trucks & Bus Czech Republic. And how did it go? 

Man Truck Bus

In times when eVisions took care of the MAN Trucks Facebook Page, it was the time when all marketers freaked out about lost organic reach (2018, you have to remember). The starting point wasn’t ideal, but it made the whole cooperation way more interesting. Besides creating a new content plan and strategy, the team needed to find a way to “hack” the new Facebook algorithm. 

As you may already assume, the trick for brands’ success on social media is building good relationships with your fans and a strong community. And eVisions succeeded in this using their creativity and professional content together with the technologyZoomSphere social media management tool. Let’s have a look at how to step by step.

Let the Fans Build Your Strategy

Firstly, the agency had to come up with the main goals of the cooperation. Those were (and still are):

  • Building a loyal relationship with the target audience.
  • Building a community around the brand. 
  • Strengthening awareness of the brand and its products. 
  • Informing of new or innovative products and services. 
  • Building the content of the brand. 
Social Media Scheduler
Social media calendar filled with posts for MAN Truck & Bus Czech republic.

Before starting creating the content itself, eVisions did an intense analysis of their target group for MAN. They analyzed former social media posts and surveyed their competition. Thanks to this, they gained a pretty clear understanding of what type of content is the most engaged and started to create a strong strategy. 

💡Tip: Besides the above mentioned, eVisions also met few MAN fans face-to-face. As they say, “Such meetings give you insight like nothing else! It perfectly approved our strategy built on the data we collected online.”

Discover the Core of Fans Behaviour

The next step for eVisions was getting to know their fans. There are different types of social media users, often with different motivations and actions they take. Here is the basic categorization (according to a COBRA conception = Consumer Online Brand-Related Activity). 

3 levels of engagement

  • Consuming – fan only consumes the content, sees an image, or watches a video.
  • Contributing – fan contributes with his/her likes or comments to page posts.
  • Creating – fan shares his/her pictures, videos, or creates brand articles, etc. 

cobra typology

 5 types of engagement motivation

  • Social factors 
  • Desire for information
  • Desire for fun
  • Trust
  • Reward

3 types of engagement

  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Shares

Putting those three parts together, you can divide fans into four groups differentiating in the relationship to your brand and develop the ideal content for each of the segments. Here they are:

Brand detached fans

Visually perfect and entertaining posts are great example of content made for brand detached fans.

Those fans see your content, but that’s pretty much it, you can’t expect more. But it’s alright, don’t beg! Rather keep on posting entertaining content and build trust. When you keep their attention, the interest will grow gradually, and you can turn them from consuming into contributing fans. 

Brand profiteers

brand profiteers
An example of targeted content for brand profiteers might be, for example, a contest.

The next group consists of fans looking for some benefit. Their motivation is a reward and desire for information. They simply know what they want. 

brand profiteers
Or you can share event invitations and special offers.

For those, you create special offers, organize a competition or invite them to a special event. Most probably, they will share it with their friends, so your posts will spread. But that’s all you can expect, no more engagement like likes or comments won’t happen here. 

Brand companions

brand companion
Brand companions will proudly share with you their opinions, experience or simply the enthusiasm. Like in this case, when the brand encourages fans to share their favorite MAN color.

Those fans react from their own will – if they like the post, they will let you and others know. Their primary motivation is the social factor, becoming a part of the community. It’s also the reason for their creations, so-called user-generated content. 

brand companion
Once your fans share the content with you (using the product, even life events, etc.), you need to share it too! User-generated content is a Holy Grail 😇😆

Don’t hesitate and ask them to share their opinion and relation to the brand. They will! Those fans are essential for the brand, they are the ones spreading positive vibes. 

Keep in mind that the brand companions deserve to receive some of the energy back. In the MANS fanbase case, eVisions are sending branded hats, or just resharing their UGC, increasing their popularity. This can convert them to the ultimate segment – the brand ambassadors👇

Brand reliants / brand ambassadors

And finally – the VIP fans! Those fans react to all your content. They give you likes, comment under posts, share them, or from time to time, send some of their images and videos. Brand ambassadors deserve excellent care; after all, they probably have the brand in their profile picture (MAN car). 

brand ambassador
This VIP fan (brand ambassador) shares his excitement from meeting a MAN dealer and can’t wait to see his new car in 4 months.
brand ambassador
And after four months? Here it is, a proud image of fans’ new truck.

The agency recognizes their brand ambassadors on the first sight, and not because eVisions marketers necessarily remember them all, but thanks to the VIP label they use in the ZoomSphere Community Management App. 

From Detached Fans to Brand Ambassadors

The main goal of the cooperation with MAN was (and still is) to convert brand detached fans, brand profiteers, and brand companions into brand ambassadors. To do so, eVisions makes high-quality content together with a high-level of firm engagement. 

Because the power of social media isn’t only in sharing content hoping for fans to react. Successful brands are more than aware of a principle called the Iceberg theory – only 7 % of the whole communication is done from brand to the entire community. The rest 93 % of interactions are from brand to fan. 

brand ambassador
Once you achieved the communication from the fans’ side, you can’t let them wait for your response. In eVisions, they use a Community Management App to process every comment or mention without missing a single one.

This may be a huge game-changer for many because it affects marketing activity on several levels. From a higher budget – you need to count with more time and energy spent with the community management, to the right tone of voice – for example, get ready to advice when a fan wants to lend a tractor, can’t find a pole for his jack or need to activate PDF regeneration.



And finally, the results!

In eVisions, they achieved to convert tens of fans into brand ambassadors. But more importantly, the team built a community of MAN lovers gathering on the MAN Truck & Bus Czech Republic Facebook Page. The fans actively share their attitude and feelings towards the brand, but also share their adventures, travels, and life stories. 

After a few months, years, social media marketers can quite easily say which type of content will rock and which not. Together with the global brand communication regulations, this became the ultimate bulletproof strategy. 

But enough sentiment, what said the hard data? 

To analyze the data, eVisions uses the Social Media Analytics App. All data are from date range 1.4-31.10. 2018. 

Page Posts


  • Increase of organic impressions +74 %
  • Increase of viral impressions +31 % 


  • Increase of organic reach +86 %
  • Increase of viral reach +40%


  • Increase of total number of comments +89 %
  • Increase of total number of shares +43 %
  • Increase of average number of likes per post +38 % 
  • Increase of average number of comments per post +125 % 
  • Increase of average number of shares per post +179 % 

Facebook Page Overall


  • Increase of organic impressions on Page +62 %
  • Increase of viral impressions on Page +21 %


  • Increased organic reach on Page +76 %
  • Increased viral reach on Page +30 %


  • Increase of engagement rate +30 %

The marketing agency eVisions uses the all-in-one social media management tool ZoomSphere. The apps used for all above mentiones activities are the Social Media Scheduler (a core for all social media planning and publishing), the Community Management App (tool gathering all social media comments, mentions or messages in one place), and Social Media Analytics with more than 150 metrics.



All ZoomSphere apps are available to try free for 31 days, you can give them a try anytime you want (no credit card details are needed). Find out more by clicking here.

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