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Community Management with ZoomSphere

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Are you wanting to attract customers from your competitors?

Would you like to improve brand loyalty from your existing clients?

If so, then you need to get serious about social media community management. It’s one of the most cost effective ways to increase business revenue.

Read on to discover the key benefits, the challenges you might face, and the best solutions.

The Benefits

Effective community management has numerous advantages.

In recent years, several studies have given an insight into the main rewards your company can expect to see.

  • Enhanced brand reputation – Timely and informed answers to customer enquiries help to positively showcase your business.
  • Brand trust scores improve – Companies that invest in online community management tend to have better brand trust scores than those that don’t.
  • Customer loyalty – When businesses excel in supporting their customers, loyalty towards the company increases.
  • Revenue boost – Loyal customers spend more money, which in turn boosts revenue.

Social media community management is also much cheaper than traditional customer support methods such as call centres. 

With the right community management tools, the number of support staff required diminishes. 

Overheads are also lower as virtual community managers don’t have to be in an office – they can work from anywhere with an internet connection.

The Challenges

Community Management

When done correctly, brand community management leads to a higher level of customer engagement.

This engagement then enhances customer trust and encourages word of mouth referrals.

However, attempting to manage your communities across multiple social media platforms can prove problematic:

  • It’s time consuming – Monitoring several social media channels for customer activity is a tough job. It’s not uncommon for brands to have a presence on at least 5 social media platforms – how will you manage this?
  • Missed responses – Everyone has experienced missed comments or notifications from Facebook or Twitter. But for businesses, these unanswered queries often mean lost revenue opportunities.
  • Delays cost money – Social media users expect a response to their messages within an hour, and preferably in minutes. It’s therefore essential you get notified instantly.

While monitoring several social media sites manually is possible, it’s definitely not recommended.

A few unanswered or ignored customer requests will soon reflect badly on your brand.

The Solution

Social Media Community Management

The best way to manage your communities is through a single all-in-one dashboard.

All your social media channels can be routed into the dashboard, which means you no longer have to ‘channel hop’ to respond to customers, and there’s ZERO RISK of missing important messages and notifications.

At ZoomSphere, our Social Media Community Management tool is industry-leading.

Here’s a rundown of the key features:

  • Never miss a single comment, we connect all your social channels into the dashboard.
  • All community reactions in one place. See every reaction across social media platforms. All the messages, comments, posts and tweets are ordered chronologically.
  • A strong CRM tool. You can filter your fans or users and see the full history of their online communication with you. Use labels to organise the results and analyze people’s reactions.
  • Respond effectively. Cooperate and communicate with customers by replying direct from our dashboard.

Customer Care

In addition, there are labels and tags to categorize communication. This allows team members to assign tasks to others, or mark the status of a task e.g. ‘answered’, ‘waiting’, or ‘ask for review’.

Best of all. Our Social Media Community Management tool is a part of the ZoomSphere Free 31 Day Trial.


For any business to grow, it needs to truly know it’s customers. That’s why some form of social media community management is a necessity for any ambitious brand.

Those companies that prioritize community management will race ahead, while those that ignore their customers will slowly die.


Which path will your brand take?...

ZoomSphere is the leading Digital Marketing Toolkit for brands and agencies.

We combine awesome analytics and a highly organized workflow to make managing your marketing tasks simple.

Keen to try out our Community Management tool?

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