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How To Build The Content Plan In Times Of Corona

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When the times get tough, the tough get going. While this often-used phrase might seem a little overused, it is the apt way to describe the attitude we all have got to have to keep going through what 2020 has thrown at us. 

Now is not the time to despair, but it is the time to take on some creative tasks and come up with proactive plans to make your content work on social media. Look at the bright side. People are having more screen time than ever. And you need better ways to promote virtual means of business considering the social distancing norms in place and the overall rise in virtual transactions. 

Lockdown has provided a huge chance for you to work your tricks on social media marketing and content planning. Wondering where to start? Let’s help you with that. Here is a brief guide on how you can best build a winning content plan that will get you the maximum reach and 

Why Do You Need To Ramp Up Your Online Content Marketing During The COVID-19?

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Online services and shopping have moved from one of the options to the primary means of business transactions due to social isolation norms. The pandemic sure has forced businesses to interface their customers through online channels

Many of the companies which previously thrived on an offline mode of marketing are finding it difficult to market their products and services as customers no longer behave the same as pre-COVID times.  

Physical contact has dwindled, and so are physical means of marketing. About 90% of sales activities are happening via digital means through telephone, video conferencing, and web meetings. Facebook just witnessed a 70% increase in the usage of all its apps in March. TikTok had a 27% increase in downloads the same month. These social media platforms provide a way to directly interface your target audience and carry out your digital marketing efforts efficiently. 

Digital marketing continues to triumph over traditional methods. And when it comes to digital marketing, content is the King. Knowing what type of content to create and how best to publish it is of utmost importance for any business trying to capture their audience’s attention. 

There are certain specific concerns to content marketing in regards to the current pandemic situation. Here are some questions that would need answering:

  • What should your content be about? Your brand? Or should it be informational? 
  • How far can you push the sales agenda during the COVID-19 times?
  • What is your message for your audience?
  • Does your content reflect on how you are dealing with the practicalities of business during COVID-19?
  • How can you craft content best suited for a particular platform like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and more?

The key is to stay relevant, informational, and provide some value to your target audience. 

Digital Marketing For Social Media Platforms

Base your content planning, depending on the platform you use. The target audience, user behavior, the way content is consumed and distributed all differ depending on the platform. And the way advertising and marketplaces work in each of these platforms too duffer. So you will have to devise a platform-specific content planning to achieve good results. 


page-engagement-1-1200x819Facebook data from ZoomSphere Analytics app

  • Update your profile or page information to reflect the updates in your services. Do provide the information related to COVID-19-specific-changes made to your services right on the description page, so people can see them right away
  • Be attentive to the customer queries and messages sent to your Facebook page. Reply to comments and messages promptly, as more people would expect to hear from you sooner during the lockdown.
  • Make sure your posts are sensible and do not carry any offensive pictures or language – only post with a purpose. Make sure your intended message is delivered precisely. 
  • Try to post content consistently and frequently.

08@2x-min-1200x857 (1)To post constantly and frequently, use a social media Scheduler

  • Update your visuals like cover pics, profile pictures to reflect the current situation. 
  • Try to experiment with new content formats and publishing times. 
  • Reassess your ad spends on Facebook and use the advertisements efficiently. 
  • Try to provide content that can help people stay motivated to stay loyal in the future. For instance, travel and tourism companies can make use of this time to offer wish lists, future travel itineraries, and so on. 
  • Use Facebook live to interact with your audience and show live the operations of your business and how it has well adapted to the COVID-19 related regulations. 
  • Organize webinars, live events to promote informational content and  user  engagement


  • Update your bio, highlights, and pinned stories to reflect the latest services that comply with the social distancing norms. 
  • You can make use of the stories feature to give daily updates on how you are trying your best to accommodate the social distancing and doing your part.
  • Make sure your content is centered on people and not on your brand itself.

Scheduled-IG-post-1200x857 (1)Instagram post detail in the social media Scheduler app

  • You can come up with challenges and fun contests to engage your customers. 
  • Give shout outs to local businesses and your own employees and their struggle to keep the services running amid the pandemic. Portraying a personal story of your business humanely can bring you closer to your audience. 
  • Try to make use of influencers and influencer marketing to your best. 
  • Conduct live tours, Q & A sessions, and more using Instagram Live.


  • Tiktok despites controversies, continues to grow, and provides a unique platform to promote your content
  • Encourage user-generated content through contests and trends. Run hashtag campaigns that are positive and give value to your users. For instance, Google ran a hashtag campaign #HeyGoogleHelp, where users demonstrated the use of Google assistant and generated massive awareness of the product and a huge deal of user engagement. 
  • Focus on the right target audience who use TikTok predominantly. TikTok’s primary user base is relatively younger compared to that of Facebook and Instagram.   
  • Focus on maximum reach, awareness, and fan engagement over conversion benchmarks. 
  • Make use of influencer campaigns carefully. Choose to partner with quality content creators who don’t come off as too salesy and can promote your products out of genuine interest. Authenticity is awarded in TikTok as many users get turned off by content that comes off as hard advertising.  

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General Suggestions

Consider adjusting your pre-COVID19 content to reflect the current situation or completely scrape it off if it sounds too jarring. While the screen time has increased, the way people perceive content has had a considerable change as well. Try your best not to come off as insensitive, and do check your content before you post anything online. 

  • As the COVID19 situation keeps evolving and changing every day, be flexible enough to shift your content strategy to reflect these changes. Prioritize helping over-promoting.  Provide regular, proper updates and information related to the COVID19 and the changes made to your services to keep up with the standards and regulations. 
  • Try to give off a positive vibe and hope to your customers, and your content should help you deliver your message precisely. 
  • Make use of social media analytics to gauge your successes and to fine-tune your strategies. 
  • Make use of the new features like Instagram and Facebook polls to keep your users engaged. Listen to their needs and tune your services to fit your customer needs. Keep an eye on the comment sections and get to know the sentiment and reaction you gather for each of your social media posts. 

Wrap Up

So, this is how you can amp up your content strategy for social media in these tough times. We understand that it is not easy enough, but you should be good to go with a bit of brainstorming. 

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