How to keep your eye on the competition? Use the ZoomSphere Benchmarking app

Before you start creating your social media content, you need to start with a strong, preferably data-based strategy. Besides analyzing your previous work and fans/customer’s sentiment, you should closely watch your biggest competitors. Luckily, you can do so right in your social media management tool with the ZoomSphere Social Media Benchmarking app. 

Why Comparison? 

While comparing myself to others on social media might be very dangerous, in case of your next social media strategy, it can be super beneficial to watch other brands – what works for them, what does not. 

If you don’t have any competition in your business yet, congratulations and enjoy it, it won’t last long! For the rest of us, here are a couple of questions you should know the answers to. 

  • What is their focus?
  • Whom are they targeting?
  • What is the tone of communication?
  • What key phrases are they trying to dominate? 
  • What brings the most attention (engagement)?

Answering those, you can quickly get a competitor analysis to see their strengths and weaknesses. It also helps you understand the potential customer’s needs and expectations in the business segment.

The goal is not to copy your competitors or steal their contentrather, it should be your guide or indicator on what’s working so you can skip on someone else’s mistakes. 

The Latest Trends and Tools 

How to find your competition? The easiest way is using a simple Google search – write in common segment keywords or phrases, and you’ll see who shows up. 

For this article, let’s say we are in charge of a sportswear (running) brand and looking for our competition. The choice of keywords and phrases can look like this: “running clothes”“running shoes”“running wear”. Scroll a little bit, check the ads, or open a few articles; you’ll know the most significant players very quickly here. 


Later on, you can manually check each brand’s social media presence by looking at them, maybe writing some basic data into excel sheets. But. Who wants to use excel sheets for something like this, right? Finding the competitors can be the only job you need to do when using a third-party tool like ZoomSphere’s Benchmarking App. 

How To Use a Comparison App?

ZoomSphere’s comparison app (the Social Media Benchmarking app) is a part of ZoomSphere’s united interface. Easily install the app in your workspace, connect both internal or external profiles, and see all data in one place. 


Besides basic metrics, you can also check the most successful posts (regarding the interactions). The data are divided into publicly available metrics (external pages) and insight metrics (for your internal pages). 

Best Comparison Use Cases

My page vs. competitor 

The primary comparison is made between you and your competitor (or more competitors). You can see the exact differences between several metrics – number of fans (the follower’s trend), number of interactions, the average number of interactions per fan, or list of posts on pages, and much more. 


This use case gives you a precise idea of your brand compared to your competitors and differences in monitored time and previous date range. 



All brands in the business segment

When starting to create a new communication strategy, it’s a must-have to check on your competitor’s activities. To do so, simply copy and paste their social media page URL in the Social Media Benchmarking app, and see them all in one place. 




In-house comparison of brand’s social media platforms

Lastly, our favorite social media comparison relates to our in-house pages. That means you can compare different social media platforms where your brand is active and see where your presence is more effective, where less. Connect Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or other pages and again, see the differences between them and the trends comparing this and previous time period. 




Social media marketer’s job extends far past publishing appealing posts. It requires strong data analysis, strategy creation, and keeping up-to-date with the latest trends. ZoomSphere apps help you with all of that within one social media management tool.