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How To Measure Your Facebook Campaigns? Use New Page Post Analytics

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The statistics might not be the most exciting and fun part of your work as a marketer, but they are one of the most important aspects! Without the right evaluation, you can’t get any better. And I guess you want to be better, right? Focus on the right statistics and data.

Every Post Under Control

Watching the number of followers, engagement, and overall reach on your Facebook Page is a must. But to start making serious and data-based decisions concerning your next campaigns, you need to focus on each post of your campaign. 

To do so, in ZoomSphere, we use the combination of Labels and Page Post statistics. You are not sure what I am talking about? Don’t worry, I’ll explain right away

Page Post Statistics in ZoomSphere

Social Media Analytics
Check out the ZoomSphere Analytics App to see the detailed performance of every post. You find it in the Page Posts tab.

Firstly, you need to come up with a system of the right Labels in your Scheduler. We use those that are equal to our goalsin social media communication (our campaigns). Such as Lead Generation, Brand Awareness, Product Education, and so on. When done carefully, Labels will bring you highly valued data

Social Media Campaign Analysis
At the bottom of the list you can see Total and Average counts.

Secondly, you can move to your Analytics App and see how you are performing online. Besides tens of other statistics, go to the newly redesigned Page Posts tab. Here we added Average and Total counts, which are super nifty, especially if you use filtres for Content type or Labels. 

Analytics App
Filter the content types or labels and compare the different results.

Filter the desired Label and see the Average or the Total amount of reach, interactions, etc. You can see the most successful post within one Label or compare the campaigns (Labels) to each other. 

Facebook Analytics
Visit new Analytics tab “Post Level Stats” with all posts insights – according to post type, labels, or tags and more.

Data-driven Marketing

To make your online communication based on the data is no secret or anything spanking new. Most probably, you’ve already heard it a thousand times. But it never hurts to hear it again, and the practice may sometimes lag behind the theory.😅 

With the ZoomSphere Analytics App, you’ve got all your social media data and statistics in one place. You can start analyzing not only what type of content is the best, but also when is the best time, or discover, who your audience is. And there is so much more – check it out right away!

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