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How WorkFlow Manager App helps us with candidate management

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Imagine that you are looking for a new colleague, and in modern times you can't sit down every day and discuss all the candidates over a coffee, but you also don't want to have lengthy video calls across HR, individual team leaders, team members and even the boss. 
At ZoomSphere, we were faced with the best way to manage the candidates we received, especially if we hire through multiple job portals. The solution came from our WorkFlow Manager App, which provided us with a clear overview of all candidates, helped us with the entire selection process and discussions around individual candidates, and speeded up and simplified the entire hiring process.

I will now tell you my impressions of using WorkFlow Manager App and maybe our app will help you with the recruitment process as well as us.
We recruited two new colleagues recently in this very simple way, namely in the field of Customer Care and in the field of Frontend developer. For both mentioned positions, I created an individual WorkFlow Manager App, and invited those team members who have something to do with new colleagues (team leaders, direct colleagues, or our CEO Jakub).
Then I created a system for managing candidates (or their progress in the steps of hiring) using simple features of our application – the columns. I recorded all new candidates in the "New Applications" column. I filled in all the information they provided us: their CV, cover letter, link to LinkedIn or their social networks or website, and their contact information. For many, I also added a profile picture: this made it easier for us to get an overview of the candidates.
The next step was followed by a notification from my side to all colleagues who received a message in ZoomSphere / in their email / via the new mobile app that a new candidate had signed up - I could Assign to them, or just mention them in the comment. We were able to collaborate with the entire hiring team and individual colleagues quite simply, quickly and efficiently. I was also able to notify colleagues about any changes of the candidates.
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Colleagues could easily evaluate this new candidate, similarly as in school: according to the stars (1 star - bad candidate, 5 stars - excellent candidate) with his name, or with other emoticons (for example thumbs up or thumbs down), which clearly highlighted the attitude of individual colleagues.
If a colleague needed to add anything to the candidate, we used internal discussions in the comments of individual candidates. We used them almost always! For example, we find that one candidate is a friend of another member of our team; or we could share our feelings from a particular candidate; or we consulted whether the candidate was suitable or not. This feature saved us a lot of time and worries but saved us the most by eternally forwarding candidates somewhere in the chats.

According to the rating of all my colleagues, I was able to move the candidate to the next columns after rating: we used the column "Like" (for those candidates we liked very much), "Maybe" (for those for whom we are not sure, or we are divided in the team), and "Rejected" (for candidates that we have excluded from hiring for various reasons). From the "Like" column, we invited the candidates for an interview. I reassigned the ones we invited to the next column "Invited to Interview", where I label them whether the candidate has already accepted the invitation, or we are still waiting for confirmation. My colleagues and I used comments from individual candidates to agree on interview times. We were also able to develop a discussion here after completing an interview with a candidate.
The proof of how well Workflow Manager App worked for us is the acceptance of amazing new colleagues, which we have already chosen by its use. I am extremely grateful for this app, because it has made a lot of work easier for us.
I hope our Workflow Manager App helps you just like me! :)


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