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Instagram Feed – How To Make A Perfect Profile?

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Instagram is full of people trying to be the next big thing, but nobody pays much attention to the background work it takes. Have you seen those insanely beautiful Instagram profiles that look like they are a photoshopped version of reality? From the color coordination, picture flow, lighting, theme, everything is so consistent and smooth; the whole profile tells the story of the person or the brand.

If you want to become successful on Instagram, paying attention to these details will take you a long way. Several techniques will give your profile the certain je ne se quois, and we have listed them all here for your convenience. 

The key is unifying your feed, and here’s how you do it.

Select A Signature Filter

Frooti instagram
Frooti nailing its Instagram feed with its customized filter

Consider this your branding. A signature filter will instantly make you recognizable. You will use the filter as a base for all your posts, so choose wisely.

The filter, however, is not the whole story. You also get the option to change the saturation, brightness, or lighting of the story, and you need to make sure you are using the same parameters for every post. This will give your pictures a consistent and flowing look. 

Choose A Color Scheme

Instagram feed

Some Instagrammers will use only black, white, or beige, or pink in their photos as a common characteristic. A color scheme gives your photos a unique consistency. Pick a color that is naturally occurring and common, because you don’t want to get stuck shooting in front of the same background till the end of time, or it will become boring.

You don’t have to make this color scheme a considerable part of the post but subtly highlight in some way to keep your posts consistent.

Photoshoot Timing

expedia instagram

It matters. Natural lighting is the biggest way to give your feed a unifying theme. The depth, warmth, and strength of the sunlight change every hour of the day. If you choose to shoot at dawn or dusk, your images will have a warm orangish color. If you shoot in the afternoon, it will be a bright yellowish.

Even inside your own home, the natural light can dictate the look and feel of a photo unless you are using artificial lighting. A trick to win this round is to use the warm feature that comes to in-built with Instagram. Use it to change the feel of sunlight, and make sure to use the same formula every time.

Pick A Theme

instagram feed theme

Themes are so unique, they make you instantly recognizable, and can make your profile look sensational and professional at the same time. Stick to a single theme, and your followers will be able to recognize your posts anywhere, anytime. And remember, your theme needs to be consistent with your message and content.

vitruvi instagramThe Instagram feed of Vitruvi

Brands like Vitruvi work on their feed quarterly. Since it’s an aromatherapy brand aimed at women, the entire feed is dedicated to creating a natural theme showing women at their comfortable, cozy places. They spruce up their photos by adding random other elements for inspiration.

For summer, they can add watermelon in a photo, which breaks out of their elegant, white, and nude color themes yet keep things consistent because that is their style. And even behind the humble idea of watermelon, they determine every small detail of the photo. From the color of the rind to the seeds, so it fits the theme.

Balance Your Feed

instagram feed

The best looking profiles have a natural flow to them. They can have insanely different pictures, but when the photos are seen side by side on the profile, they will look balanced. Not too messy or cluttered.

When someone is looking at ten photos of your feed, they should not feel that one of these things is not like the other. The key to doing it is to learn the basics of photography. If you have a photo bustling with energy, placing it beside a calmer picture will allow you to create balance. To become a professional, you have to plan and think about the whole grid.

Schedule Cohesive Images

Planning is the biggest weapon you have in building a fantastic profile. You need to know your audience, content, and what you are going to post days, weeks, and months in advance. Don’t just get stuck in editing and experimenting with photos, but plan them sequentially and see how they will look on a bigger picture version.

A great example is Zoomsphere’s Feed scheduler, which allows you to keep track of your planning, and see the feed in action. As a marketer, promoter, or influencer, this is crucial. You can schedule 10 posts in advance, come back to its layer and take another look at it and decide if all the things we talked about in this post are linking up.

zoomsphere instagram feed

This does not mean that any photo that is not fitting the narrative needs to be thrown out. The planner will give you the power to rearrange the post feed. This way, you can fit in like a puzzle and put all the right things in the right place.


People go on Instagram looking for beauty, imagination, inspiration, and creativity. Your profile is your brand, and you can influence people a lot through the choices you make.

The color scheme, themes, lighting, all of it tells a story. Your users will become loyal because they have seen what you can put out, and they dig that content.

Now imagine, if you were following a profile that pumped out fantastic nature-related imagery, and suddenly started doing yoga material. Would you be interested in that profile anymore? Likely, your users know what they want, and they are devoting their time to your profile because you are delivering.


After all, there is no reason you cannot become the next big name. Consistency and faithfulness to your feed will allow you to build a loyal base and accomplish what you want. A little work goes a long way. Happy Instagramming!

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