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NEW! Account Switcher in ZoomSphere

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Many ZoomSphere users have more than one account. To make it comfortable, we added an Account Switcher, that makes switching between multiple accounts easy! 🎉

Calendar view in the Scheduler app in ZoomSphere

If you have more than one account, you can save your login info and switch in one click. There's no need to log out and back in every time you need to access your other ZoomSphere accounts anymore. 

Account Switcher in ZoomSphere


Access the function from your profile icon and click Switch Accounts. Then, click Log in with another account.

Account Switcher in ZoomSphere


Enter your login information and click Sign In.

Account Switcher in ZoomSphere


Once you successfully add all accounts you want, you will always be able to switch using this feature.


💡 Tip

You can change your Name and Company Name in the main settings. Those two fields are visible when switching accounts.



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