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New Module in ZoomSphere: Let’s Meet Leads Manager

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Collecting leads is truly one of the most valued tasks you can achieve in your social media campaigns. And once you have them, you need to take action! That’s why we added a brand new module into ZoomSphere to collect all leads in one place and enhanced it with a couple of features for the best results. Let’s meet the Leads Manager!

What is the Leads Manager?

Leads Manager is a module extending your social media work experience within ZoomSphere. Once you collect leads from Facebook and Instagram, all of the contacts are stored in one place and, mainly, ready for further processing by you and your team!

Leads Manager

ZoomSphere shows you exactly the same data (name, phone number, e-mail, country, …) you choose to collect when creating the lead form in Ads Manager. The number of displayed forms is unlimited, you can go through your whole lead history.

Facebook Leads Generation

Set up the Module

Leads Manager

To set up the new Leads Manager, create a module the same way as you are used to doing with any other module. Click on “Add new module”, choose Leads Manager module, name it, give access to other teammates, and choose icon and color. In the next step, connect your Pages you want to track in the module. And that’s all, you have your first Leads Manager module done!

Collect, assign, and process all your Leads!

The Leads Manager module is not only a place to store all your leads data, but it also offers you several features for further processing.

Leads FormsChoose one lead form and filter the results by Date Range.

Firstly start with filtering the leads. You can display only leads from one lead form, which one it is you decide in the heading. Those data can then be filtered by date range, Page, Status, Assigned User, or use full-text search.

Lead generationUse filter for displaying chosen Page, Status or Assignee.

Leads ManagerWrite in the searched words.

Leads Manager settingsThe searched words will be later shown in the heading.

You can also drag and drop the columns as you wish and order the data by the time when clicking on the heading of the “Created Time” column.

Leads Manager

Lastly, you can also export the data to an excel sheet and share it with others.

Leads Export


The number of contacts you gain needs to be further used. Distribute the leads among your team in ZoomSphere. We believe the cooperation and effective processing is one of the main advantages of the Leads Manager module. 

Leads Manager AssigneeAssign the leads to teammates that have access to the module.

You can assign every lead to one teammate to ensure it won’t be forgotten. For example, assign them to a person in charge of calling potential customers, salesman, or maybe differentiate leads from Germany for your german speaking colleague, and so on. 

💡Tip: Share the leads beyond your team (admins) on the Facebook Page. To show the data from lead forms, you don’t need to give anyone access to Facebook (or Instagram) Page, simply invite him or her to ZoomSphere. The rest of your Page’s data will stay safely on Facebook.


Another way to categorize the leads is statuses. You can come up with any system which suits your team the best. For instance, tell apart contacts from your customers, former customers, and new leads, or maybe mark them as awaiting and already contacted.

Leads StatusClick on one of the statuses or add different in Status Settings.

Status SettingsCreate system of statuses that suits your team the best

💡Tip: Both Assignee and Status can be used as a filter to show you only those leads you need. 

Leads Manager SettingsDisplay only those leads you need.

GDPR friendly module

As we are talking here about personal data, we need to mention GDPR. The General Data Protection Regulation came in legal force in 2018 across the whole European Union. In ZoomSphere, we take the necessary steps to protect our customer’s data according to EU legislation, including the new module.

You don’t need to worry about the collected leads, we guarantee they won’t be misused by third parties. By using ZoomSphere (unlike other extra applications), you don’t increase the risk of data leak or violate the EU law.


Check out the new module – all the settings and usage in real life in this video and let us know what do you think about the latest news from ZoomSphere! 🤓

Get Leads Manager App 

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