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Organize Your Work With The New Workflow Manager

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The key to real productivity is in a proper organization of your work. Especially when you take care of several clients, you need to cooperate with a number of colleagues or effectively delegate tasks. Whatever it is, the right tool makes your life incomparably easier. And that’s the goal of a new ZoomSphere app called Workflow Manager.

Why Workflow Manager?

Keeping yourself or the whole team organized can be tough, and let’s be honest, the notepad method isn’t the best. Using the proven Kanban layout, the new Workflow Manager helps you stay productive through the ability to organize, delegate and track your progress. 

workflow manager
The simple system of columns and cards ensures perfect organization for every project you are working on.

The principle of it is super simple. Create as many columns as you need, name them and start filling them with cards. The sky is limit here, you can develop a flawless system for your content planning, a development roadmap, blog calendar, or even use the app for bug reporting, team vacations and so on – in fact, for anything that you can come up with

kanban style tool
The Workflow Manager isn’t only for your social media team, but finds its use in the whole company and different departments. See more use cases at the end of the article!⚡⚡

You can share the app with people from the whole company, brand or agency, not only with the ones from your social media marketing team! 

How to Set Up Workflow Manager

Firstly you need to start with installing the app. Go to the App Store (or start a free trial on our web), click on the Workflow Manager tab and choose to start a free trial for 31 days. 

App Store
To start a free trial, go to ZoomSphere App Store.

Once the app is installed, you can simply add it to your Workspace. Click on the plus button, choose Workflow Manager, name it, share the access with others and you are ready to start!

Workflow Manager
Purchased App is ready to install in your Workspace.

In the original set up, you start with three columns that can be easily renamed and you can also add many more. 

Default settings
Default settings of a new Workflow Manager.
Column Settings
Each column can be edited – change name and description. You can create an unlimited number of new columns.

In each of the columns, you add a card, write the name in and press enter to create it. After that, you can open the detail of the card and leave a description of the task, set a deadline, assign other teammates and add labels or attachments. 

Workflow Manager settings
Add a new card by clicking on the plus button.

On the right side of the card, there is a space for your comments and team discussions. Share all your comments here with other users or check the activity panel storing all changes done within the card. When somebody else mentions you in a comment, you’ll immediately receive a notification.

Task detail
In the card detail, you can write a description, set a deadline, add assignee, label or attachment. The right side is dedicated to team discussion and Activity log.

Finally, you can quickly move each card from one panel to another – simply hold the card with the cursor and move it onto the desired panel. 

There is no limit for users or created panels. Once you purchase the App, you can start using it however you like. But to make sure you don’t get lost within all the work, you can also easily filter only the cards assigned to you and focus entirely on your work. 

Task manager
Filter only those card that are assigned to you.

Stay Organized, Stay Productive

No matter what’s your position or which department you work in, the organization of work is essential for your productivity. As we tested ourselves, Workflow Manager helps you bring your work to the next level, simplify your communication and speed up the whole process. 

Start Free Trial Now

So leave the organization to ZoomSphere and spend your energy on things that make a difference!

More Use Case Examples 😎

Sales Board
Use the Workflow Manager within the Sales team to organize new leads and clients.
Content Plan
Every marketing department appreciate its Content plan – plan the production of all blog articles, videos, podcasts, newsletters and so on.
Time Manager
Do you need to keep track of team vacations? Don’t spend money for another tool and use Workflow Manager for that too!
HR board
Share easily open positions for each department, paste in the CVs and discuss potential candidates in the card detail.
Never miss any idea and suggestion for improvement. Write everything down in a company Wishlist.

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