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Reality Check: Are Brands Really Doing Well On Social Media?

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The world is evolving faster, and COVID-19 has further made things challenging, with many industries crippling under pressure. 

How are your favorite brands doing? Curious? Well, this is what this article is all about. Here, we will analyze your favorite brands’ social media performance through the ZoomSphere social media analytics app

So, get ready to check out amazing insights as we derive them from the app. We must say it is going to be a fun journey analyzing different brands. 

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Major Brands Through The Lens Of Zoomsphere



All data were taken from ZoomSphere Social Media Analytics App

Airbnb has had a rough journey ever since the pandemic, and things do not seem to have gotten any better this month. Zoomsphere revealed that their fans count has dropped by 0.06%, which is higher than the previous month, which had a fall of 0.02%. The total fans following has suffered massively. They have had zero interactions with their audience in the past few months, which does nothing to improve their current standing. The travel and hotel industries are yet to pick up the pace and are still slogging down due to the effects of the severe lockdown norms.

But that is exactly why businesses like Airbnb should take this opportunity to keep their audiences connected, so they don’t lose the brand value. Failing to do so would be much more hurting to the business in the long run.



Netflix has had a tremendous upward growth trajectory since the last few months. There has been an increase of 1% of followers, which amounts to more than 68 million new followers just in the last month. A high number of people are talking about Netflix, even though the social media page has had fewer interactions overall. 

Again, this could be attributed to the social distancing norms where several physical entertainment centers are still locked down or are operating at low capacities.



Starbucks seems to be doing it right as they have seen a good jump of about 0.01% of the increase in followers just in the last few weeks. They have made around three admin posts that have managed to garner quite a good number of impressions and engagement among the user community. While their overall fan following has suffered due to the pandemic, they are managing to improve by posting some engaging content on their profile. 

Their customer interaction levels have sharply increased during these recent posts and have once again dipped down to a flat curve. 

This again proves that you need to be publishing quality content consistently to keep your audience invested in your brand. 

Zoomsphere also gives further insights into the right time to post, showing that the maximum of interactions happened over the weekends and during the hours of 5 PM to 6 PM. 

It also gives an overview of the individual posts’ statistics that show which posts gathered the most number of emotions letting you see what type of content clicks with your audience. 



While Target has been trying its best by publishing a high quantity of content, about 24 admin posts just this month, it is still losing fans. About 0.08% of fans have dropped out this month. Though some of its posts have managed to kick start some conversations, most posts have failed to engage the audience, as seen from the Zoomsphere social media analytics. 

Fewer people are talking about the brand, and the total number of likes and shares has actually gone down. This is a clear indication that quality matters more than sheer quantity. 

The individual posts statistics have further shown that pictures and videos have managed to generate higher audience interest than links. 



Duolingo is another brand that has managed to make the best use of lockdown situations. Duolingo Facebook page has had a 0.51 % growth in fan following just this month. They have made 23 admin posts, which were welcomed with a good amount of engagement from their audience. 

Duolingo’s growth chart shows a consistent and steady upward growth in fan following, likes, interactions, and shares. 

They have managed to post content at a regular pace throughout the month.  Their content consists mostly of pictures, a good share of videos, and few statuses.  Their posts are doing a good job as emotions awarded to the posts are reflecting a positive sentiment. 

How Does Zoomsphere Help You?

For starters, Zoomsphere is a complete social media management platform with over 1.3 million users worldwide. It helps you run collaborative campaigns across your different social media profiles like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and the like. 

You can manage your workflows, schedule and publish content, get data reports on social media insights and analytics, monitor user communities, perform competitor analysis, and so on. The tool provides highly specialized applications that can be readily integrated with your business profiles. 



With so much on offer, we planned to do a data-backed post today discussing various popular brands’ social media capabilities. Let’s see what we have got.

The Wrap Up

As you can see, COVID-19 has taken a toll on most brands. However, a lot of brands are still doing great with their flexible content marketing strategy. 

So, how is your brand doing? Check out the Zoomsphere social media analytics app now to derive key metrics and push the boundaries. 




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