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What Is ZoomSphere? The Social Media Marketing Game Changer

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There are many ways to make your everyday life easier, better or more effective. If you google for a while, you will easily find a tool or an app for everything (without exaggeration). Social media marketing is no exception. Nevertheless, marketing in 2020 needs much more than simply posting cute kittens and puppies (even though it still works). What makes your work highly professional? All-in-one social media management tools!

Social Media Marketing in 2020

More than ten years ago, social media started its incredible journey into our everyday lives led by Facebook. Facebook is still in the lead of them all, but the times have changed. Dramatically. What we could share on our Pages with great results, will not work today anymore. On the other side, we are equipped with many more tools making the work easier

It’s the automation, use of AI, and highly professional tools that define current social media marketing and make the marketers in this field real specialists. Especially when it’s getting more challenging to get to your audience organically. 

Every Marketer’s Partner in Crime

Like every doctor, chef, or a pilot, marketers alike need their tools to do a good job. To monitor trends, create strategies, prepare campaigns, publish and evaluate – that’s just a few parts of the work, but also a core of a high-quality social media management tool

And that’s also our way of creating ZoomSphere – as a reaction to our current marketing needs. Tested by ourselves, and shared with anyone interested in an all-in-one social media management tool.



All-in-one Marketing Tool or Separate Apps – It’s Your Rules

The ZoomSphere tool’s magic is not only in its features and abilities, but also in the customization. Most probably, you will need all of them, or maybe just the Social Media Scheduler (as the most important core of your work). Find your perfect mix of Apps in the AppStore and pay only for what you truly need. It’s that simple. 

And what are the Apps? I am glad you asked. 

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Social Media Scheduler

Social media marketing isn’t only about posting nice images on Instagram, as many might think, but publishing and sharing your content is the base of marketers’ work. And once you manage more Pages, cooperate within a team, or simply need things under control, a publishing tool is a must-have

Social Media Scheduler

But the ZoomSphere Scheduler goes way behind scheduling your posts. The real-post preview publishing calendar is compatible with all of the biggest social media networks, allowing you to communicate within your team or with the clients. It even has a system of statuses to support a smooth workflow, or an unlimited number of created posts and invited team-members. And so much more, but I don’t want to spam here or sound too cocky, learn more here



Social Media Analytics

What do you need to do after publishing your flawless content? Analyze it! All the numbers, data, charts, and statistics are ready here for you to look at them, learn from them, and use them as a starting point for the next campaign. And where? In the ZoomSphere Analytics App.

Social Media Analytics

Our Social Media Analytics App collects all available data from each social media platform, and you can see them all in one place (more than 150 metrics!). Right away. With the combination of labeling and tagging your posts, you will have a full overview of your work that you can download as a PDF report (and send over to your boss or clients).  

Social Media Engagement

Community Management

The online relationship with the customers changed in the last couple of years. The barriers are falling; communication is becoming a dialogue, and a strong community and trust are crucial to success. In simple terms, you need to connect with your fans no matter what! 

And here comes the Community Management by ZoomSphere, which collects every comment, mention, or message from your Pages in one place. Besides responding to the reactions, you can also categorize and analyze them. That’s changing an ordinary customer care tool into a strong Community Management App.

Community Management


Social Media & Web Monitoring

Social listening and monitoring belong in one of the basic social media marketing strategies, and they are helping all marketers worldwide make the right decisions. And also see what the internet is saying about their brand 👀. 

Track all mentions of your brand with a simple keyword searching.

With ZoomSphere Social Media & Web Monitoring, you can listen to what people say about your brand and your competitors. Search by keywords, categorize the data, analyze. Making bulletproof strategies is the real fun of marketing, isn’t it?  

Social Media Benchmarking Tool

There is always some competition that makes you work harder, go further, or bring more. And it’s good! Keep an eye on your closest competitors and trends in the whole business segment. 

Social Media Comparison

ZoomSphere Social Media Benchmarking Tool puts your profiles in the context of your competition and collects data from the whole industry. You can see the side-by-side comparison and analyze the results in tons of different data types. 

Leads Manager

If anybody asks me, what is the most exciting part of social media marketers’ work, I say Leads Generation! Leads make the world go round. Or, at least, they keep your business ticking along nicely. 

Leads Manager

Using a Leads Manager tool helps you have a healthy lead generation game. Collect all leads from Facebook and Instagram Leads Ads in one place, ready to be further processed. Store the contacts, filter, export, and assign them within the team to gain the best results.  



Workflow Manager

Cooperation and organization is something so essential, yet often so much overlooked (no matter if we are talking about a huge team or self-organization). To be truly effective, you need a system. We created our own in ZoomSphere and shared it with the world – the Workflow Manager

Workflow Manager

The Kanban layout is easy to learn, and you can move all of your projects here – there are no limits, only your creativity. Set deadlines, label tasks, assign, filter and process. With the Workflow Manager, you keep your productivity on a high level, even across different departments.

No More Our Words

Social Media Marketing

We’ve said enough; now it’s time to listen to experienced users. Who else marketers should trust than other marketers, right? 

“ZoomSphere has been a life-changing tool ever since I started using it. The client’s approval is so much easier – no more emails with countless versions of a post.”

  • Csaba Adi, Social Media Manager at VMLY&R Hungary

“I can glowingly recommend ZoomSphere to everyone, who wants to have social media monitoring under the thumb.”

  • Jan Gierczynski, Digital & Community Management in Playstation

“What we appreciate the most is the possibility of smooth cooperation with the agency, meaning setting up a system for approving and commenting posts before publishing.”

  • Lucie Horáková, CE Manager of Digital Media in Tesco

Try all apps free for 31 days and start managing your social media like a real PRO!


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