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ZoomSphere in 2020

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Many of us are quite happy that 2020 is ending, everyone is sure that this year is the one to remember forever! But let's focus for a while on the good things that happened. And in ZoomSphere, we have many of those. Let's see all the product news you’ve had a chance to try during 2020. 

Leads Manager

Collecting leads is one of the most elementary activities of any marketer. So we decided to add a new app, where all generated contacts across executed campaigns are stored. What is the Leads Manager capable of?

Leads Manager

  • collecting data from executed Lead Ads 
  • sorting data in columns and change order of columns  
  • assigning statuses to collected contacts
  • assigning team members to collected contacts
  • filtering collected data based on the assignee, status, or page
  • exporting data to excel sheet
  • using full-text search

App Store

At the beginning of the year, we built an App Store, where you can find all our available apps. Choose from apps what you and your team need, or get the whole all-in-one solution. It's completely up to you.


Which Apps are now available?

  • Scheduler (Publisher)
  • Community Management (Customer Care)
  • Analytics
  • Benchmarking (Comparisons)
  • Monitoring
  • Leads Manager
  • Workflow Manager

Post Performance in the Scheduler App 

All published Facebook posts now show key performance statistics such as:

  • Impressions
  • Reach with detailed data – organic, paid, and viral
  • Reactions with detailed data of specific reaction type
  • Comments
  • Engagement & Engagement rate
  • Post clicks
  • Negative feedback

post performance reactions

You can see the Post-performance tab for all your published Facebook posts. You won't see it if the post was only published on other social media channels. 

Notifications center now includes Community Management  notes & mentions 👌

When you mention your teammate or add a note in the Community Management app, a notification is sent to the global notification center.

comunity management mentions

Analytics App: Facebook & Instagram Reach

We added new Page & Post Reach graphs for Facebook pages and Instagram accounts. You can now find a graph for:

  • Daily Reach (showing unique daily results for paid and non-paid distribution)
  • Weekly Reach (showing unique weekly results for paid and non-paid distribution)
  • Last 28 Days Reach (showing unique 28 days results for paid and non-paid distribution)

weekly reach

Workflow Manager

If you're sometimes having difficulties keeping you and your team organized, look no further. Using the proven Kanban layout, the new Workflow Manager helps you stay productive through the ability to manage, delegate, and track your work progress. In ZoomSphere, we fell in love with this app completely (and moved all our project management here, from marketing tasks, HR boards up to Bugs reporting). 

Workflow Manager

You can create an unlimited number of panels and cards, connect as many teammates as you need, and move your whole work there. Once your task/card is done or not needed anymore, you can easily archive it. 

archived card

And you don't have to use it just as a task manager! Other uses are:

  • project management
  • wishlist / feature request
  • bug reporting
  • time-off records
  • candidate screening
  • content plan


To see more tips and tricks on using Workflow Manager, make sure you read this article. 

Compact view in the Scheduler App

This is an option for those who are using Zoomsphere to their full potential or working with a smaller screen on a laptop.

month compact

Now with the Month Compact View, you can fit even the most packed calendars on a single screen without the need to scroll! 😉 

Updated comments in Scheduler and Workflow Manager

We added the ability to edit your comments in these apps where the comment section is present. 

comments edit

Also, we added previews for attachments in the comment section of the two Apps mentioned previously.

comment attachement

New Workspaces Menu

We redid the Workspaces Menu to tidy it up and make it more intuitive! What were the changes?

workspace menu

  • list of all your workspaces on the left panel
  • easily add new workspaces and quickly jump from one to another
  • practical search field

You can also see all the users that are part of each workspace – new icons in the right corner of your screen. Click and see the full list of your teammates. 

Customizable Scheduler Preview 

Our favourite updates are those that come from you, our clients, like the new Scheduler "Today" button. Once you click on it, ZoomSphere immediately brings you to the present day. 

today button

Also, in the top right corner, we improved icons for the Scheduler Previews. They represent the viewing modes as you know them:

Day – Week – Month – Compact Month – List

Instagram Feed

We've worked hard on our new Instagram Feed feature for our Scheduler App, and we were thrilled to share it with you! Instagram is all about the visual. And from this moment on, you can plan content visually in ZoomSphere.


You can see any posts you want on your Instagram Feed by selecting the post Statuses you would like to see there. Once you set a post in one of the statuses you've selected, it will automatically appear on the Feed.

Average and Total Count in Page Posts Chart

We added Average and Total counts, which can be very useful, especially if you use filters for Content type or Labels.

post statistics

💡Our Tip: If you use Labels in Scheduler to differentiate your content campaigns, you will be able to see results for the whole campaign, not only specific posts.👌

Dark Posts

A dark post is a promoted post published on Facebook, but it is not visible on the Timeline. That gives you a unique opportunity to deliver customized content to desired users. Find out more about it here.

dark posts

Once you create your post in ZoomSphere, just copy the post ID and work with it in the Ads Manager. 

dark posts

Dark Posts will be automatically marked "Dark Post" to be easily recognizable among other posts in the calendar.

Improved Post Browsing

Newly, you can browse posts in the Scheduler App while having them open. For this, we added a small but practical detail of arrows in the left upper corner of each post. 

arrows post detail

Also, you can click on an image in the Scheduler App, and its preview will open. It is convenient with carousel posts, for example. Plus, you can download the images. This applies to the Workflow Manager App as well. You can preview and download both images and pdf files. If you have more than one file attached to one card, you can open their preview and browse them all. 

image detail

Workspace Archiving

When deleting a workspace is too radical, and you might need to go back to it in the future, archiving is the best option. Go to Workspace settings, tick the box, and update the workspace. You can always go back and unarchive it.

workspace archive

Overall Dashboard

We created the Overall Dashboard to help you better navigate your workday — you can see the most important things from all your Workspaces in one place. 

overall dashboard

The Dashboard is visible if you have more than one Scheduler app. And what can you find there?

  • see the posts that are planned for today and tomorrow
  • see the posts that must be approved – and you can approve them immediately or open the post's detail
  • see cards from the Workflow Manager that are assigned to you
  • click and go directly to the post's or card's detail

Someone is typing

And finally, from now on, you will always know when your colleagues are typing new comments in real-time. You can see this in the Discussion/Comments section of the Scheduler and Workflow Manager apps.

is typing

Thank you for walking through 2020 with us, and we wish us all a Happy new year and many successes in 2021 (not only in marketing🙏).

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