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NEW! Entire Posts' History Available in ZoomSphere

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When creating posts, you probably go through different versions of text or media. You might want to go through them and go back to anything you liked more before. And that's exactly what you can do in ZoomSphere's Scheduler App!


The whole post history is shown visually, including the time and date of each change and who's done it.

You can already see all changes in the Activity Log on the post detail and also the Activity tab for the whole Scheduler, including information when a post was deleted. Now, with the Post History function, you have the whole post's history at your fingertips.

Where Can I Find the Post History?

Open a post detail in your Scheduler app and click the Post History button below the post. 

Post History in ZoomSphere's Scheduler App


❕ Note: The post history is available only for changes made after the release of this function, which is December 10, 2021.

See previous versions of your posts in ZoomSphere's Scheduler App


Click on SHOW ALL CHANGES to display detailed information.

Post History in ZoomSphere's Scheduler App


The detailed information includes, for example:

  • When the post was created,

  • Changes of text,

  • Adding/Removing Pages,

  • Changes of status / label / tags,

  • Changes to the order of images – previous and actual order,

  • Added/changed location,

  • and everything else. 😉


    Post History in ZoomSphere's Scheduler App


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