Instagram has more than 1 billion monthly active users and over 25 million active business profiles. With this in mind, it's worth considering the platform as part of your overall marketing strategy. 

With so many social platforms to choose from, you may be asking, "Is Instagram a good place for marketing?". With its popularity, wide demographic, and variety of formats for both organic and paid campaigns, marketing on Instagram is becoming increasingly popular with brands and advertisers. 

Instagram can be used for brand awareness, consideration and sales, and allows you to promote your brand authentically and avoid hard selling. In this post, discover 15 surprising Instagram Statistics that show the platform's true value for marketers.

1)  500 Million Users See Instagram Stories Daily

Instagram stories look native and less intrusive than other social media ad formats. With at least half of Instagram's total users using Stories, it's clear that the format has its own value alongside traditional posts. This makes the format popular with advertisers.


Stories help your audience learn more about your brand, and they are more engaging than posts because of the ability to add questions, polls, and stickers. Learn how to use Instagram stories to grow your audience and reap the benefits.

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Source: The Scheduler App, ZoomSphere


2)  Our Brains Process Images 60k times Faster Than Text

Visual content is popular for a reason. Did you know that our brains actually process images significantly faster than text? With this in mind, it's easy to see why Instagram works so well for brands and advertisers. 

Instagram statistics also show that minimal ad copy works best in most cases. Users tend to scroll through images and videos without stopping to read text.

3)  50.8% of Users are Female and 49.2% are Male

This Instagram statistic shows that Instagram marketing can work for any audience demographic. While 70% of users are under 30, there is consistent growth being seen across all ages.  

Source: Followers by Gender and Age, the Analytics App, ZoomSphere

Marketers can use these broad demographics to reach their desired audience groups at scale. ZoomSphere allows you to do a full analysis of your demographics using the Analytics app and follow metrics that matter to you. 

4)  The NFL Team's Reels have 67% More Engagement Than their Video Posts 

Reels are extremely popular on Instagram right now. Through this format, Instagram accounts are seeing massive growth within a short period of time. Brands like Louis Vuitton and Red Bull have seen most of their reels go viral, averaging millions of views across their accounts. 

As a marketer, reels can inform, educate, and entertain your audience and are easy to create due to their short length.

5)  Instagram Affects Brand Perception

Having a social media presence as a brand is crucial — Instagram statistics have shown that it affects how brands are perceived. People perceive brands on Instagram as being popular, entertaining, relevant, and creative. 

Simply being on Instagram has a positive halo effect for businesses globally. Being present on a platform like Instagram shows your brand has credibility and can play a crucial role in whether or not a user decides to buy from your business. In our social world, users expect brands to have a presence across all platforms and view brands unfavourably when they don't.

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6)  Instagram Has an Ad Reach of 928.5 Million

71% of US adults aged 18-29 use Instagram, which provides huge reach potential for brands looking to advertise. This level of scale makes Instagram a great platform for lead generation. 

LinkedIn is thought to be the main social platform for lead generation. With Instagram's large audience and rapid growth, it's quickly becoming the new go-to platform for marketers looking to generate leads. This is possible through both organic and paid strategies.

7)  Instagram Generates Over 4x More Interactions Than Facebook

Overall engagement on Facebook is much lower than on Instagram. This Instagram statistic shows why brands need to be on Instagram. Not only does it beat other platforms in terms of engagement, but it also sees increasing growth year on year.

Source: Average Interactions, the Analytics App in ZoomSphere

Due to the creative and visual nature of the platform, the fashion and beauty industries see the most of total user engagement.

8)  Over 1 Million Daily Instagram Posts Contain the Word Meme 

This shows that humour on Instagram can go a long way for brands if it's appropriate for their tone of voice. Brands can actually learn a lot about marketing from meme accounts.

Meme accounts have broad appeal, write great, funny captions and create shareable content. They also know how to stay relevant and on top of trends. All of these things are important to any business account on Instagram.

9)  90% Of Users Follow at Least One Business Profile 

On Instagram, there is a thin line between brands and individuals, and following multiple brand accounts is the norm. This gives businesses an opportunity to engage with their audience, show their brand values and voice, and ultimately drive users further down the marketing funnel. 

Instagram marketing statistics show that the platform works well for both connecting with your existing audience and audience expansion. 

10)  80% Use Instagram for Purchasing Decisions 

Having product information available on Instagram and responding to audience pain points helps to drive action and sales. 72% of users said they make purchase decisions based on Instagram content. This shows the platform can drive considerable value for sales growth. The engaging visuals help brands showcase themselves and encourage sales like other platforms don't allow.

It also has more influence on shopping habits than other social networks, which shows the true value of influencer marketing.

11)  Influencer Marketing Is Set to Grow to $13.8 Billion in 2021

With over 500,000 active influencers on the platform, influencer marketing is booming. With 70% of teens saying they trust influencers more than celebrities, it's easy to see why. Influencer-focused agencies are growing, and advertisers are increasing their influencer budgets.

Micro-influencers tend to have higher engagement rates than macro-influencers, so brands may get the same value at a lower cost.

12)  Over 130 Million Users Engage With Shopping Posts Monthly

Users enjoy the fact that they can find out everything they want to know about a product through Instagram content and then shop without leaving the platform. This reduces friction and barriers to purchase, which increases sales.

Boosting shopping posts help brands to maximize the reach of their products. Marketers can use lookalike shopping audiences to find shoppers similar to existing buyers and remarket to those that have shown interest.

13)  70% of the Most Popular Hashtags are Branded

Did you know that the majority of popular hashtags have been created by brands? Branded hashtags are a great marketing strategy for branding, as users will spread your campaigns for you if the hashtag is trendy enough.

It helps to keep branded hashtags simple and memorable to encourage sharing. Hashtags are also useful for social listening and seeing what your audience is posting about your brand.

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14)  71% Of US Companies Are Using Instagram

Instagram is becoming increasingly popular with businesses, not just in the US but all over the world. It's become a social platform where brands can have a clear voice, identity, and persona because of its visual nature.

There is significant Instagram marketing growth year on year with ad spend and new businesses signing up. Having your brand on Instagram allows you to be a part of this continued growth and expansion.

15)  Brands Post 27.9 Times per Month on Average

Consistently posting is key for staying relevant with your audience. This statistic shows that brands are posting almost daily, and many are posting a variety of formats multiple times per day which helps with maintaining and growing reach and engagement. This statistic shows that brands are posting almost daily, and many are posting a variety of formats multiple times per day, which helps maintain and grow reach and engagement. 

Instagram offers post scheduling so that daily posts can be set up in advance to minimize the workload for marketers. Scheduling platforms also allow marketers to save groups of hashtags and view what the feed will look like in advance.

Instagram Statistics — A Marketer's Review

75% of Instagram users will take action on at least one ad and increasingly engage with brands on the platform. The ads can be expensive, but Instagram statistics show that they do drive results.

As a marketer, using data-driven strategies is key for fueling your future decisions. With more than a billion users on the platform, Instagram allows you to reach your target audience and personas at scale.

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