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5 Brands That Use Reels in Their Instagram Marketing Strategy

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As digital marketers, it is imperative that we use every tool, tip, trick, and technique that's available to us. It's also essential that we go where our audiences are. A staggering 90.4% of millennials are active on at least one social media network. 👀

magnus-olsson-0tODL-2pO1Y-unsplashEngaging with your audience doesn't just involve quantity but also the quality of time spent. At this point, the average social media user spends 144 minutes on social media ⏱️ each day. That's nearly two-and-a-half hours that you have to engage with your audience and have them engage back, as well. 😉

If you have an Instagram marketing strategy, that is.

But how should you integrate Instagram Reels into your marketing campaigns❓

Let's take a look at some brands that have been successfully integrating Reels into their social media marketing campaigns.

1. People's Revolt

Marketing for marketing agencies is tricky business. First of all, you've got to know the latest, trendiest marketing tools and techniques. To come across as old-fashioned or behind-the-times could end up doing more harm than good. It would be more like anti-marketing, at that point, as customers are going to want to work with marketers who know their stuff.

This makes People's Revolt a good choice for the first case study of using Instagram Reels in your social media marketing campaigns.

The Dallas, Texas-based creative agency wasn't entirely reinventing the wheel when they incorporated Instagram Reels into their existing marketing strategies. What they did do was use the short-format videos to their fullest extent❗

First and foremost, People's Revolt uses its Instagram Reels to introduce its audience to its team. This is an essential step in helping your audience connect with your brand👭. This connection is a critical step for converting casual visitors into devoted brand ambassadors. 

Secondly, their Instagram Reels take advantage of popular trending sounds 🎵on the network. 

Finally, People's Revolt illustrates how much of what makes a brand successful on social media just boils down to solid marketing principles. 💡 They include a clear call-to-action at the end of their video, which helps make their Instagram Reels a helpful component in helping to steer their customers through the Buyer's Cycle.

2. Sassy Woof

Success with digital marketing can involve some contradictory impulses. On the one hand, it needs to be new and novel to seem exciting and contemporary to your audience. On the other hand, however, it can't be too novel, or your audience won't understand what they're looking at.

This makes Sassy Woof's Instagram Reels incredibly ingenious 💯. The popular pet retailer 🐶 used their social media account not only to introduce their marketing department, but their products as well.

That part's not exactly a revelation. Instead, how they used the video format makes Sassy Woof's Instagram Reels such an exemplary model of the format. The retailers made a video that mimics the opening credits of a 1980s or 1990s sitcom to introduce the world to their team.

In one short video, they managed to position themselves as both novel and familiar. They also use a catchy theme song, just like the old sitcoms used to do. This will get lodged in your head, as earworms tend to do, which will make you think of the brand every time it plays inside your mind. 🎧

Sassy Woof's digital marketing is an example of how new marketing trends can combine with more tried-and-true methods to become a truly unique marketing hybrid!

3. Anima Iris

Anima Iris is an excellent example of ways you can link all of your different social media accounts together for a genuinely unstoppable social media marketing campaign. 💣

Anima Iris is a black-owned business that manufactures high-end fashion handbags👜. This alone makes them worthy of a case study as several of these topics perform admirably on social media. Together, they're practically a recipe for viral success! 🌟

Instagram is already well-known as a destination for high-end fashion and lavish, upscale accessories. So how can a business use Instagram Reels to make their content even more engaging?

Anima Iris unveiled Instagram Reels to create compelling behind-the-scenes videos about doing photoshoots for their luxurious handbags. 🎥

The video, combined with an in-depth caption, serves as four advertisements in one!

For starters, they mention when their customers can expect to see their newest promotional materials for the upcoming fashion season🗓️. Secondly, they get one more opportunity to list their accomplishments and achievements. 🏆

Yes, listing off all of the brands they've worked with can come across as a little boastful. When you've worked with Vogue, Elle, and a bunch of the other biggest names in the fashion industry, you've got every reason in the world to brag. 😉

Thirdly, they incorporate a popular hashtag into their marketing materials. The #shotoniphone tag is popular with regular Instagram audiences and professional photographers alike. It's a chance to reach a bunch of different audience demographics at one time using only one hashtag. 🛍️🗺️

Don't just use any hashtag, do your own research. A great tip is to spy on others in your business segment and get some inspiration. You can use the ZoomSphere Analytics App if you want to get a closer look at your competitor's hashtags use and compare your hashtag usage with your competitors👇

Screenshot 2021-08-31 at 12.51.56-1

The most used & engaging hashtags in ZoomSphere Analytics app of Zoomsphere's Instagram profile.

Screenshot 2021-08-31 at 12.52.46

The most used & engaging hashtags in ZoomSphere Analytics app of Leoš Mareš's Instagram profile.

Even though you follow every guide you find, you always need to keep in mind that you need to analyze and evaluate your results from time to time and make proper adjustments with your usage of hashtags. Often check on hashtags, evaluate which work the best for you, compare the performance of different posts (with different hashtags), and find your own bulletproof hashtag strategy. From which you can make a Template in Zoomsphere Scheduler App and provide yourself the easiest use of your ✨perfect✨ set of hashtags.

Screenshot at Jun 14 09-15-09

An example of the set of Hashtags put in a Template in Zoomsphere Scheduler App.

insert to post gif

Easy usage of Hashtag Templates when scheduling in Zoomsphere Scheduler App.


Lastly, Anima Iris' Instagram Reels offer an opportunity to show the ad itself but in another context. It's yet one more reminder that if you're hoping to be successful on the internet, you've got to let your content handle as many duties as possible. Otherwise, you will end up updating half a dozen different social media accounts!

4. Glamnetic

Some products don't lend themselves particularly well to still images🖼️. Products that do something like Glamnetic almost require a video format🎬. This means their Instagram Reels are closer to more traditional commercials.

This doesn't mean they don't take advantage of the unique features the format has to offer. Most notably, Glamnetic's Instagram Reels are a masterclass in tight, clear copywriting.

Consider this caption:

  • Infused with aloe vera to soothe and moisturize skin
  • Infused with Vitamin E that contains moisturizing and healing benefits
  • Comes with three precise replacement tips
  • Regular and mini sizes available

It's a pretty simple concept, right? It's more or less just a bullet list. It's striking what a little pop of color🎨 can add to some content, though.

Paired with some striking hand modeling and Glamnetic is creating some time-honored video advertising. It just happens to be paired with some cutting-edge r&b, and you've got a marketing campaign that's just begging to go viral. 

These Instagram Reel examples should give you an idea💭 of how to succeed with social media marketing. It's never just the latest tech or viral marketing trend. Those are just tools that let us package classic ideas in new and novel ways.

When you blend classic marketing techniques with the power of modern technology, however, you and your marketing department will be unstoppable! 💥

5. Jumz Accessories

We'll round out our list of brands using Instagram Reels effectively with Jumz Accessories. This company offers another example of how to reuse your content.

Jumz Accessories' success is a reminder that you don't have to make a various video for every platform. That's part of why you have an Instagram marketing strategy in the first place. You can reuse your content strategically. 😎

Beyond that, Jumz Accessories' Instagram Reels are just... awesome😍. Their production values are lavishly high-end. They use music effectively and memorably, and they give you a chance to see Jumz Accessories' handbags in motion👜.

It's just one more example of how Instagram Reel marketing transplants time-honored marketing practices into a new technological paradigm.

Need Help With Your Instagram Marketing Strategy?

It's beyond obvious at this point that Instagram's not going anywhere. Anyone serious about making money on the internet needs to take the time to learn how to market yourself on Instagram. 

The advertisers of Madison Avenue would've given their Guccis for the access we have to our customers these days. We can reach them at work, while they're commuting, even when they're eating breakfast.

Not even the sky is the limit once you've mastered the tools and techniques. 🛠️

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If you're ready to find out how an Instagram marketing strategy can empower your business, start a free trial with us today and begin your journey to social media mastery! 👑


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