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Digital Marketing Job Description Templates

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Writing a good job description is something you should definitely be paying attention to. When trying to find high-quality candidates, your job description can make or break the hiring process. πŸ’”


Digital Marketing was valued at around $49.4 Billion in 2020 and is likely to grow at least 18% from 2021 to 2028. This means there's a lot of potential that you might not be taking advantage of. πŸ“ˆ

As a digital marketing agency, it's even more important to craft good job descriptions using great job description templates. A good job description and subsequent hiring process is an extension of your brand.

Digital Marketing has become all about data, so it makes sense to take an analytical approach to your hiring. According to research performed by Glassdoor, around 70% of people seeking jobs are more likely to apply if an employer actively manages their brand.

Keep reading to take advantage of our pre-made templates.

Job Description Templates

One of the easiest ways to make sure that you have world-class job descriptions is to use templates. This guide will take you through several marketing agency positions and give you a good start.

These templates are specially designed to help you find the absolute best candidates and save you time when you're looking for new hires. In addition, making sure that you have solid requirements for all of your open roles will signal to potential candidates that you're doing your homework when it comes to recruiting.

Account Strategist

Account Strategists help to solidify client strategy. They work with customer experiences and give insight into problems that clients might be experiencing. πŸ”

Job Brief 

Our agency is looking for an Account Strategist to target and grow strategic relationships with our customers. The ideal candidate will be innovative, display critical thinking, and be progressive.

You will work with clients to establish how best to connect their digital presence to their business. You'll also work with them to communicate their brand strategy.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Help develop business proposals
  • Assist clients in making great strategy plans
  • Create reports regularly
  • Figure out problems with client accounts
  • Help clients to achieve their business goals
  • Develop presentations for use with client marketing
  • Keep track of online campaign performance

About the Job

Our partners and clients come in all sizes, and no strategy could work for all of them. You will use your excellent communication skills and knowledge of online media to help customers achieve their long-term strategies.

You will figure out how our clients think and find out how to help them realize their goals. You love exploring and discovering business needs and enjoy showing our clients how our products can enhance their business.

Account Manager

Account managers are your best planners. They handle communication between you and your clients. They focus on planning strategy and assign duties to the rest of the team. They check through deliverables to make sure they meet the client's expectations and track work progress.

Job Brief

We're looking for a driven, experienced Account Manager to join our agency! Your primary duties will be around developing marketing strategies with clients and help them reach their goals.

Client goals might be getting a better online presence, generate high-quality leads, or better processes. The Account Manager role deals with all the possible needs of a client.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Set up KPIs for all clients
  • Plan digital strategies
  • Build relationships with clients
  • Figure out what clients want and need
  • Analyze how effective campaigns are
  • Keep track of the latest trends in digital marketing

About the Job

You love working with clients and building relationships with them. When you help a client reach their goals, that's a win for you. You're excellent at figuring out complex strategies and enjoy working with people. Delegating tasks to team members is a strength of yours.

Marketing Technology Coordinator

Integration is the name of the game for the Marketing Technology Coordinator. They work with all platforms and troubleshoot issues or make pertinent suggestions on how to do things better.

Job Brief

We are looking for an expert in integration and technology. Your primary duties will include working with digital platforms and troubleshooting issues with our marketing technology stack.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Give support to management with marketing technology
  • Be a super-user for all our digital tools
  • Develop strategies for digital marketing
  • Coordinate training of users of marketing software
  • Maintain and develop relationships with users and product owners
  • Work with IT department and staff

About the Job

Working with technology is what makes you buzz and when it comes to new trends in marketing software, you're the first to know. In addition, you enjoy working with others and enjoy building relationships with our users and clients. Finally, you're a tech evangelist and happy to spread the knowledge to others.

Creative Director

The Creative Director is all about the visual. Beautiful imagery and stunning graphics meet and create the perfect brand image. The Creative Director is responsible for the overall vision and has the final say on layouts, visuals, and any templates that clients will use.

Job Brief

We're looking for a creative leader for all our internal and external design needs. You'll lead the design process and determine how best to use our team to create amazing things. Ultimately, you'll be responsible for how brands are perceived, and you'll oversee the whole pipeline from start to finish.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Work with the branding teams to create designs
  • Keep track of emerging trends
  • Create marketing plans that are tailored to clients
  • Supervise the design pipeline end-to-end

About the Job

You love working with creative teams and enjoy making sure people are working well together. You get tremendous satisfaction from seeing a design go from infancy to the final product. You're driven to create marketing plans that clients love.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers work closely with the creative director and help bring the vision to life. They are responsible for making incredible-looking designs and elements.

Job Brief

We want graphic designers that are passionate about delivering designs that inspire. Do you excel at visual communication? Do your designs bring our people's emotions while communicating brand at the same time?

Primary Responsibilities

  • Work with the creative team to produce unique designs
  • Assist the creative director in achieving vision goals
  • Manage client proposals end-to-end
  • Develop concepts, logos, layout, and other design elements
  • Review final layouts to keep them on brand
  • Talk to clients 

About the Job

You'll work closely with the creative director and other creative teams to bring the very best designs to life. You'll develop logos, illustrations, and design concepts for clients and keep them on-brand. You enjoy working with others to create designs that matter.

Visual Designer and Developer

Like the graphic designer, the visual designer works with appealing visual elements; however, they concentrate on web assets. In addition, they make sure that the user experience is pleasant and that any web elements are easy to navigate.

Job Brief

We're looking for a Visual Designer and Developer that's passionate about the way they work. You'll work closely with the graphic design team and the project team to make sure the client is happy. You'll contribute great ideas to creative brainstorming sessions and enjoy coming up with unique solutions.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Work with project and design team on design preferences
  • Enhance images, so they fit client standards
  • Submit final designs for consideration on time
  • Work with IT to deliver world-class designs
  • Develop prototypes that give a good idea of design goals

About the Job

You work best when you're in a team, but you're not afraid of doing things yourself. When you work on a client project, you're happiest when you get a fantastic design that fits the brand. You're time conscious and like to get assignments in on time.

Project Manager

The Project Manager handles projects from beginning to end. This applies especially to projects that are just starting and need a helping hand. The Project Manager does a lot of work to turn clients into long-term relationships.

Job Brief

We are looking for a project manager that wants to bring projects from start to finish and loves paying attention to all the details. You're excellent when it comes to setting business goals and getting new clients on board using key questions.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Analyze project requirements and prepare budgets
  • Work with teams, clients, and managers 
  • Establish excellent relationships with clients and turn them into brand ambassadors
  • Bring new clients on board consistently
  • Help clients convert to long-term strategies
  • Research market trends
  • Develop designs, plans, and processes

About the Job

You have a solid knowledge of content management systems and digital projects. You love working with teams and enjoy helping your direct reports to achieve their best. A well-designed plan is like second nature to you, and you love getting to know clients and building relationships with them.

Project Coordinator

Project Coordinators work with project managers to help implement plans and changes. Coordinators work with clients to give them a helping hand with their digital strategies.

Job Brief

We are looking for a project coordinator to work closely with project managers, clients, and internal teams. You'll spend a lot of time working behind the scenes making sure everything is running smoothly. You'll be expected to bring projects to a conclusion and make sure clients get the right experience.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Work with project managers to set and achieve goals
  • Champion processes that mean projects run smoothly
  • Work on multiple projects at the same time
  • Keep track of project status at all times
  • Do final quality checks on all projects and assets that go to clients

About the Job

You enjoy working with teams to help them bring projects to life and don't mind working with multiple projects simultaneously. You like coordinating efforts in the background while project managers do more of the front-of-house presentational work. You bring a sense of organization to any project and keep deliverables tightly on schedule.

Content Manager 

Content Managers oversee all planned content both internally and externally. They work to find the perfect content for both clients and in-house teams and proofread and verify everything that goes out of the agency.

Job Brief

We're looking for a content manager that will bring precision to projects and make sure that all content that goes out of the agency is as close to perfect as it can be. You will work across many different spheres inside the agency to support other teams.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Advocate for every client in all their media spaces
  • Create and plan roadmaps for clients that are cohesive and high quality
  • Analyze campaigns to make sure they're as efficient as possible
  • Proof all content leaving the agency
  • Work across teams to plan content

About the Job

You will enjoy working across teams rather than being isolated in one only. You believe in advocating for clients and making sure their media strategies work well for their brands. You have strong analytical abilities and love making campaigns as efficient as possible.

Content Coordinator

Content Coordinators work with content managers and account managers. They focus mainly on providing actual deliverables. SEO strategies are another strength of the content coordinator role.

Job Brief

We are looking for a Content Coordinator to join our team of experts. You'll work closely with content managers to deliver content that works for clients. You'll handle production for all digital content. This includes blogs, websites, and social media.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Create content that is engaging for all media platforms
  • Design social media posts

    TIPπŸ’‘: Use social media platforms to your advantage, create your content strategy and find a tool that will help you stay organised and effective. In the Scheduler, you immediately see what type of posts and to what social profiles or pages you have scheduled.

  • Understand objectives of the business and audience
  • Coordinate SEO activities across teams and clients
  • Make use of analytics to put together relevant reports
    TIPπŸ’‘: Analytics App is here to provide deep-dive insights into your social media accounts and their performance. We've all got way too much to do as it is. Technology is supposed to free us from work, not create more for no identifiable purpose. That is exactly why we created the ZoomSphere's Analytics App. πŸ˜œ



About the Job

You love creating high-quality content and have a great understanding of social media. You grew up with or are very familiar with Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms. Your content is tight, effective, and produces measurable results. You have a good grasp of analytics and can see content in the context of business objectives.

Working Together as a Team

Now that you've got some starter job description templates, you need to think about how your team will work, because the key to real productivity is in a proper organization of your work. Especially when you take care of several clients, you need to cooperate with a number of colleagues or effectively delegate tasks in teams. Whatever it is, the right tool makes your life incomparably easier. And that’s the goal of a ZoomSphere app called Workflow Manager.

Using the proven Kanban layout, the Workflow Manager helps you stay productive through the ability to organize, delegate and track your progress. 

workflow manager
The simple system of columns and cards ensures perfect organization for every project you are working on.

The principle of it is super simple. Create as many columns as you need, name them and start filling them with cards. The sky is the limit here, you can develop a flawless system for your content planning, a development roadmap, hiring processes, blog calendar, or even use the app for bug reporting, team vacations and so on – in fact, for anything that you can come up with. πŸ˜

kanban style tool

You can share the app with people from the whole company, brand or agency, not only with the ones from your marketing team! πŸ˜‰

When you're hiring for new roles, it's essential to make sure everyone is working in the same way. There are some excellent strategies to bringing your whole team onto the same tooling. βœοΈ

Shared tooling helps you streamline your workflow and ensure that client needs are at the forefront of your whole agency's minds. When you're all using the same platform, collaboration becomes much easier. πŸ’ͺ

Contact us for a demonstration of how our tools can help you achieve your goals. We guarantee a professional all-in-one solution. πŸ™Œ


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