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Social Strategy: How to Use Instagram Reels for Business in 2021

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Instagram reaches over one billion users every month. The large size of Instagram's audience and the reach that the platform provides make it easy for creators to show their content to more and more people.

One of Instagram's newest updates, Instagram Reels, sends users on an experience through several short and entertaining videos. The setup of the feature makes it easy for users to consume more content than before.

In turn, Instagram Reels makes for a great addition to any company's social strategy. You're going to get more viewers to your Instagram page. This means that there's a greater chance that you could gain more followers and bring on more leads.

To learn about how you can use Instagram Reels for business, keep reading. You can use this feature in so many ways.


What Are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels is a feature inside of the Instagram app. With this feature, users can make 15-second or 30-second videos. Some accounts can make 60-second videos as well.

Instagram Reels takes up about two-thirds of the Explore page on Instagram. Plus, Instagram has also devoted a single page to Instagram Reels. So, if you're looking to scroll through a bunch of reels, you can go to either of these locations for endless content.

It's also noteworthy that the reels that show up here are mostly from accounts that you don't follow. So, it's easy to reach accounts that you haven't interacted with yet.

As the user watches and interacts with more and more reels, Instagram will keep modifying that user's algorithm. This means that Instagram will make the reels page just as personalized as the rest of its Explore feature.

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Also do not forget to use hashtags! Hashtags are Instagram's way for people to search videos. They also help categorize your content for different types of "Explore Pages."

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Instagram Reels vs TikTok

It's no secret that Instagram Reels is a play on the famous application, TikTok. TikTok recently blew up as a popular app among millennials. There are comedy skits, Q&As, family tips, and more.

There are TikTok creators for every single niche out there. That means that there's always something for everyone to enjoy.

But, what about Instagram Reels?

Well, Instagram created and launched its reels feature in response to the growing popularity of TikTok. They were looking to bring some TikTok users back over to Instagram, and it actually (kind of) worked.

While TikTok still reigns supreme among short video platforms, Instagram Reels has its own place in the hearts of Instagrammers. People who already have Instagram accounts don't have to worry about hopping over to TikTok.

First off, Instagram Reels has the same kind of variety, content, and layout. Second, Instagram Reels exists within your existing profile. So, there's no need to create a second profile on a second app.

It's also notable that many creators post the same content on Instagram Reels and TikTok so that they can reach both audiences. Since the platforms are so similar, it's unlikely that the same people are going to exist across these platforms. Although, there is some natural overlap because of the popularity of reels on the Explore page.

Overall, the platform is the main difference between the two platforms. Reels exist within Instagram, while TikTok stands alone as its own platform.

Some believe that TikTok has a stronger advantage since they're specializing in short-form content. Others believe that Instagram has a stronger advantage since they're making multiple features available for creators.

Instagram Reels vs Instagram Stories

People often get reels and stories mixed up. They're both kinds of short-form content, but they aren't exactly the same.

First, stories only stay on a user's profile for 24 hours after they post them. If the user wants a post to stay on their profile longer, he/she can add it to a highlight on their page.

Reels are stuck onto your profile in a dedicated reels section, although you can place them onto your grid as well. They're one of the many kinds of posts that you can make on Instagram, so they're going to show up on your followers' feeds.

In addition, you can do a lot more editing with Instagram Reels. Instagram Stories offers a lot of different filters and stickers, but Instagram Reels gives you more power over the organization and appearance of your content.

A good marketing team will use both Instagram features, but a great marketing team will know when they should use each one.

Why Are Instagram Reels Good for Business Social Strategy?

With all of the other features that Instagram has made over the years, some businesses are left wondering how reels are any different. There are Instagram stories, IGTV, live streams, DMs, and regular posts on Instagram's feed.

How is Instagram Reels any different? And, how can they help my business' social strategy?

Well, Instagram Reels is the middle ground between Instagram stories and IGTV. Instagram Stories are short posts that only last for 24 hours on your page, while IGTV posts are longer pieces of content that stay on your feed.

Instagram Reels stay on your feed just like IGTV posts, but they're shorter than IGTV posts. At the same time, reels are longer than stories. It hits the sweet spot right in between these things.

In other words, reels are perfect for the content that falls in between stories and IGTV posts.

When your marketing team is having trouble meeting the criteria for Instagram stories or IGTV, they can fall back onto reels. Plus, many popular trends run through Instagram Reels. So, your business can participate in popular hashtags and challenges.

And, the new format gives your business a chance to reach a new audience that it hasn't before.

How to Use Reels on Instagram for Business

Businesses have already been using Instagram Reels for a variety of reasons:

  • To share behind the scenes content
  • To answer frequently asked questions
  • To educate their audience about topics in their industry
  • To inspire their followers
  • To show viewers their products/services
  • To post about community members, clients, and more

There are even more ways that you can decide to use reels for your business. All it takes is a little bit of creativity.

Plus, you can always ask your audience what kind of content they're looking for. Maybe they have questions that they want you to answer. Maybe they're hoping to get a look into what kind of processes your business uses. 

Whatever it is, Instagram Reels gives you the power to show them anything. And, you can interact with your clients and customers all you want through the comment section and direct messages.

Can I Track Analytics on Instagram Reels?

In short, yes. Instagram has made it easy as ever to track analytics for any and all posts. So, if you're looking to add Instagram Reels to your business' social strategy, you can do so easily.

Here are some of the analytics that you can track on Instagram Reels:

  • Accounts Reached - how many individual Instagram accounts watched your reel at least once
  • Plays - the total number of times that people have played your reels
  • Likes - the number of people who liked your reel
  • Comments - the number of comments that each individual reel gets
  • Saves - how many people saved your reel to their bookmarks
  • Shares - how many times people shared your reel to their personal story or another account

You can see all of these metrics and more in the Insights tab of your Instagram account. You can look at the performance of each individual reel or you look at the overall performance of your profile.

Using these analytics, you can adjust your strategy and better market to your target audience.

Social media analytics also play an important role in personalization, which is becoming increasingly important in the era of personalized recommendations and virtual assistants. Once you've got a social media analysis platform in place, you can build all manner of in-depth portfolios on individual customer's preferences.

Social media analytics are so vital if you're serious about succeeding in business. If you don't have them in place, you're basically just creating another task for yourself with no real idea of how it's actually affecting your business.

We've all got way too much to do as it is. Technology is supposed to free us from work, not create more for no identifiable purpose. That is exactly why we created the ZoomSphere's Analytics App. 😜 Analytics App is here to provide deep-dive insights into your social media accounts and their performance. Read more about it here


How to Promote Instagram Reels

If you're looking to push your Instagram Reels even more, you can promote them just like other posts on Instagram.

The first thing that you should do is turn on the "also share to feed" option on your promoted posts. This will ensure that your posts are promoted as well as posted to your feed. This will make it easier for more people to see the content that you're posting.

If you don't want the reel to stay on your profile grid forever, you can remove it from the grid by going to the option for the specific post that you want to remove. Keep in mind that removing it from your profile won't remove it from any promotions that you currently have running for it.

If you'd like to stop a promotion, you can do so in the analytics tab of your Instagram.

Expanding Your Social Strategy With Instagram Reels

Overall, Instagram Reels is one of the best additions that any business can make to its social strategy. So many other profiles have already picked up on the trend, and more and more people are integrating into this new kind of content style.

If you haven't tried out Instagram Reels yet, give it a shot today. You could introduce your followers to your team or give a tour of your building.

And, if you need help organizing your Instagram Reels content, you can use our social media scheduler. With that in hand and our information about reels, your Instagram account will be unstoppable.

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