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  1. 4 Reasons Why User-Generated Content is Perfect for Increasing Social Media Engagement

    They say the customer is always right. But did you know they can also be creative and help drive your brand forward while increasing engagement? Thanks to the power of user-generated content, otherwise known as UGC, your customers could become your biggest marketing asset.

  2. How Great Customer Service Boosts Social Media Revenue

    Many companies still treat customer service on social media as an afterthought – once their content is posted it’s job done! Yet this approach may be costing them serious money… Do you want to increase your social media ROI? Then you need to get serious about customer care!  Read on to discover the key elements […]

  3. How to Win at Location Marketing on Social Media

    How do you streamline social media? That’s a question posed by brands trying to cut through the noise and connect with their audience. It turns out the answer is to bring things a little closer to home, in the form of location-based marketing. 

  4. 10 Productive Day Quotes For Marketing Managers

    Leading marketers and successful people share their tips on getting work done… Sometimes our days are filled with procrastination and we might need a helping hand to concentrate or be more creative. Coffee is one solution!…but an inspiring quote can have the same effect – a motivational boost that gets us fired up just when […]

  5. Social Media Marketing Trends for 2020

    In today’s world, traditional marketing methods almost seem niche. That’s in part down to the seismic rise of digital marketing, with mediums like social media accounting for 13% of global ad spend. Compare that with print’s 6% market share, and it’s easy to see the impact digital marketing has had on keeping current and new […]

  6. ZoomSphere News #september: PDF Export and LinkedIn Page Tagging

    In September we added two highly requested improvements into the ZoomSphere platform. Check out the latest features in Publisher module. 

  7. 6 Types of Video Content to Supercharge Your Social Media Marketing

    Every brand dreams of having that massive social media following that results in significant engagement when you post… well, just about anything. We all follow brands that seem to get thousands upon thousands of “Likes” on Facebook or retweets on Twitter, practically in an instant. But how do they do it? How do they reach […]

  8. Best 15 Social Media Posts With The Highest Interactions In July 2019

    Another month, another piece of the best European posts from marketing agencies. Every month we analyze all data collected from all significant European marketing agencies. For more information from ZoomSphere analytics module, check the Agency Report here with a free tool available for everyone interested in the performance of marketing agencies.

  9. Top 15 Agencies With The Highest Interactions On Social Media In June 2019

    Which marketing agency did the best on their social media platforms in June? Every month we analyze all data collected from all significant European marketing agencies. For more information from ZoomSphere analytics module, check the Agency Report here with a free tool available for everyone interested in the performance of marketing agencies.

  10. How To Make The Best Mobile Ad: Facebook Shared Its Data-based Tips

    The time spent on mobile devices increases year by year, and it’s no surprise that the marketing attention moves here too. Facebook, as one of the biggest online ads provider, realizes that shift, the social media platform came with the key ad tips in a new mobile-first creative checklist.

  11. Who Are The Most Followed Influencers? Top 25 According To 5 Different Industries

    Influencer marketing is currently one of the biggest trends when it comes to social media marketing. With good results, and still believable, natural (at least sometimes) content changes Instagramers into a powerful tool for many brands. You can find one for yourself who fits the best for your business or at least take some inspiration […]

  12. 5 Trending Social Media Networks You Should Know

    The traditional social media platforms are enjoying huge fanbase as well as the enormous number of brands trying to reach the right audience and customers. Maybe it’s time to give a chance for a new network. And there are plenty of them. Here is a list of five less known, yet popular (in some cases […]

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