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  1. What we’re thankful for this holiday time.

    This is the time of year for enjoying the company of family and friends and reflecting on the year that was. As the year comes to a close we wanted to take a moment and mention what we’re thankful for here at ZoomSphere. Recently our whole team met in Prague for a wrap up of 2015 […]

  2. Hacking ZoomSphere: Collaborating without leaving ZoomSphere

    Hi! Jakub, founder of Zoomsphere here! Recently I was thinking more deeply about the ways ZoomSphere fits into the workflows of brands and digital agencies that use us. Our Customer Care module is great for teams that work closely together. Any message, comment, or reply, that you receive across any of your connected social media channels can […]

  3. Bitdefender has 500 million users and they chose ZoomSphere!

    Internet security software giant Bitdefender has chosen ZoomSphere as their social media marketing tool. Bitdefender is the world’s leading provider of anti-virus software solutions with over 500 million customers in 100 countries – and that’s why we’re so proud to partner with them! Since 2001 they have been fighting against internet security threats and their applications include web protection, anti-spam, firewalls, […]

  4. How O2 Slovakia puts ZoomSphere to work in their social strategy!

    We are really proud that O2 Slovakia chose ZoomSphere as their digital marketing and social media management tool. A brand as big as O2 has a clear strategy and image to work with so we wanted to see how ZoomSphere fit in. Social media can be tough for big brands as it is a very personal one-to-one […]

  5. Social Media Marketing Report: Czech Digital Agencies on Instagram

    Czech digital agencies creatively mange some of Central Europe’s biggest brands across social media. With our new connection to Instagram we used ZoomSphere Analytics to see how their sector is using performing in using the platform. We used a cross section of the most creative agencies to examine their successful habits.

  6. Video is coming to Facebook profiles!

    Facebook is always surprising and inspiring and they’re about bring video to your profile picture. Soon users will be able to add short looping videos to their profile space on the platform for a new way to show off your creativity! The profile space will also be centred and made bigger to make users the most […]

  7. What do our Instagram Analytics look like?

    Beautiful images have a way of connecting with people quickly and deeply, so it’s no surprise that Instagram is one of the world’s fastest growing social platforms. The network is a fertile ground for brands wanting to to engage with customers on an emotional level. We understand that brands need to measure the impact of their efforts and that’s […]

  8. ZoomSphere now connects with Instagram!

    We are excited to announce our first integration with Instagram to deliver Instagram Analytics to all our customers! This is the first step for ZoomSphere in offering powerful support for one of the Internet’s fastest growing social media platforms. You can now quickly retrieve detailed data on all your Instagram accounts by simply connecting the profiles you manage to ZoomSphere. 

  9. Set privileges for your ZoomSphere team in 3 steps!

    We know people love to use ZoomSphere in teams but not everyone needs access to all parts of the tool. You can manage each team member’s access depending on their responsibilities.  Privileges are set quickly using simple check boxes to assign each team member to the parts they need. 

  10. What does our Customer Care Module look like?

    We have been talking a lot about our Customer Care Module lately and for good reason – it can save brands time in managing the messages they receive on social media. ZoomSphere is the responsible solution for managing customers on social media because every message is accounted for. Every comment, direct message, mention, and tweet sent […]

  11. ZoomSphere is growing in Italy!

    ZoomSphere is growing and we now have a New Business Manager for Italy as we expand further across Europe! Meet our new team member Michele Papaleo! Our tool is already available to everyone worldwide but his addition means we know have a extra layer of local support for our Italian customers. Based in Milan Michele brings an intense passion for […]

  12. We have a new graphic designer!

    We are happy to welcome our new graphic designer Eva Majerová to ZoomSphere! Eva has been busy working in digital agencies for several years and is now bringing her unique and creative style to our marketing and communication departments. She’s already created slick new cover art for our social profiles so watch what else is coming soon! I […]

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